Rollomatic Upgrades Grinding Machines for Dental Burs, Rotary Instruments

The various Rollomatic CNC grinding machines can be used for high-volume geometry grinding and blank prep aration of a number of dental cutting tools.


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Rollomatic 5-axis GrindSmart Nano5 grinding machine

Rollomatic 5-axis GrindSmart Nano5 grinding machine

Rollomatic has upgraded a number of grinding machine models for manufacturing dental rotary cutting tools. The various Rollomatic CNC grinding machines can be used for high-volume geometry grinding and blank prep aration of a number of dental cutting tools, including surgical and laboratory dental burs; 1- or 2-piece construction, solid tungsten carbide, steel or stainless; Gates-Glidden; rotary endodontic files; Lindemann cutters; implant twist drills; implant taps; endmills for CAD/CAM dentistry; and more.

The Rollomatic 5-axis CNC tool grinders are equipped with VirtualGrindPro tool design software which runs the multi-axis GrindSmart series machines. In addition to extensive tool diversity, further tool geometries have been added both for dental tools as well as industrial cutting tools. The company says this powerful software offers the highest possible speed, ease-of-use and flexibility. These machines can switch over from dental to industrial tools in an operator-friendly and timely fashion.

In addition to the software expansion, the 3-dimensional simulator has been updated with a faster and more accurate version. The stability and instantaneous rendering of 3D images enables users to save valuable programming time and effort.

The upgraded grinders include: The 5-axis GrindSmart Nano5 grinding machine has 5 fully interpolating CNC axes and a pick-and-place automatic tool loader for easily adapting for any type of dental cutting instrument, both for short and long runs.

Model CNC246F is highly productive 3-axis fluting machine suitable for flute and relief grinding of rotary files.

GrindSmart Model 530XW is a 5-axis tool grinding machine which is well suited for grinding carbide endmills for the CAD/CAM dentistry.

With a choice of 4 and 5 CNC axes, both ShapeSmart NP30 and NP50 precision pinch and peel grinding machines are well suited for cylindrical grinding  or blank preparation of CAD/CAM endmills, drills and burs.

The RPG is a hydraulically operated precision plunge grinding machine for cylindrical grinding operations and blank preparations.


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