Stand-Alone System Connects, Feeds Parts Into Grinders

Glebar Company has designed a stand-alone device, which connects and feed parts into existing grinders.


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Glebar has expanded on its guidewire feeder with vacuum feeding technology to develop a similar stand-alone device, which connects and feeds parts into existing grinders. The feeder includes an upgraded control system and a 7" color human-machine interface (HMI) for access to the feeder operations.

The feeder enables multiple modes of operation, including a stand-alone cycling mode that does not require signals from a grinder. The feeding system is designed to feed long products, such as guidewires, catheter bodies and metal tubing to secondary process devices like laser marking or stamping machines, and into any machine or printer. Other features include a sturdy platform with casters for easy placement and trays mounted on the front and back of the unit to provide convenient part staging areas.


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