SwissDeco Lathe Available in Range of Tooling Options

Originally titled 'Swiss-Type Lathe Available in Range of Tooling Options'

Drive technology, tooling, rigidity and modularity make Tornos' Swiss Deco line of Swiss-type lathes suitable for a range of industries.

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Manufactured by Tornos Technologies, the SwissDeco Swiss-type lathe is available in four versions: SwissDeco G (gang version), GA (gang version with A axis), T (turret version) and TB (turret version with B axis). According to the company, these products are suited for a range of industrial segments because of its drive technology, tooling, rigidity and modularity. Solutions in the range are built on a 36 mm base and designed and optimized with finite element method (FEM) analysis.

The G version is equipped with nine linear axes; a Z axis for roughing and finishing operations, frontal operations, and deep drilling; and three independent tool systems. These machines can also be fitted with modular, pre-adjustable tool systems and devices. Available in 25.4 mm or 36 mm, this version has as many as 38 tool positions, 27 of which can be live tools.

These solutions enables a degree of automation, even when producing complex parts. Tasks traditionally requiring a human touch, such as cleaning, are minimized or eliminated because of theintegration of peripherals, including a high-end chip management system. With its Industry 4.0-ready human-machine interface (HMI), programming is designed to be a simple, intuitive process guided by icons on a touchscreen. One example is the automatic process optimization: once the machine is programmed, tool displacement is automatically calculated and optimized. The range is compatible with a selection of automation solutions right out of the box, including Robot Cell i4.0 for cleaning, measuring and storing parts.