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Tungaloy’s Coolant-Through Holders Well-Suited for Small-Bore Internal Grooving

These holders accommodate a variety of diameters, while providing reliable chip evacuation.


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Tungaloy’s SNG series of indexable internal grooving tools includes 12 coolant-through holders that are designed for the internal grooving of bores with diameters as small as 8.0 mm (.315″) and up to 24.0 mm (.945), while providing reliable chip evacuation. The shanks are made of either steel for economy or tungsten carbide for long reach areas where tool steadiness is vital. Combined with the GMR-style chipbreaker, the SNG coolant-through holders are devised to virtually eliminate chip nests, reducing part scrap and machine downtimes to improve machining efficiency. The tools are suited for steel, alloy steels, stainless steel and superalloys.

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