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Line of Round-Bowl Dryers
For drying of machined parts after washing and for removing surface oil and grease, the company has developed a round-bowl vibratory dryer that uses dry maize, which also polishes the parts during submersion.The OR-CD series is specifically designed for high volume, inline production applications where time savings and equipment reliability are critical.

Tumble Blast Machine for Cleaning Castings, Other Metal Parts
An abrasive blasting machine has been designed to exceed the productivity and overall performance of other equipment for scale and flash removal from castings and many other metal parts.

January 2010 News
600 Europe Appoints New Managing DirectorMike Berry has been appointed managing director of 600 Europe, responsible for managing and developing the Group’s newly centralized machine tool business in the U. K.

Model 2SF-48RA

Robot-Adaptable Spindle Finisher
The Model 2SF-48RA is an automated, double-spindle finishing machine for precision deburring of metal parts as fast as 480 pieces per hour. According to the company, the robot-adaptable machine handles complex pieces with diameters as large as 16". The 48"-diameter tub, filled with finishing abrasive, receives part

Model SBB-12

Spiral-Bottom Round Bowl Unit--Almco
Model SBB-12, a spiral-bottom round-bowl unit with a full-circle baffle that's designed to keep parts in the media mass constantly for faster, more precise processing, has a 12-cubic-foot, urethane-lined tub for parts protection. Other spiral-bottom models initially available have tub capacities of 8 and 15 cubic feet; custom-designed models offer capacities of as much as 100 cubic feet.

Almco Spindle Deburring Literature

Spindle Deburring Machine
• Literature describes a new high-production, spindle-finishing machine for deburring small gears and machined parts from Almco • Emphasizes the benefits of spindle finishing, including process repeatability through equipment adjustments and simple procedures performed without special operator skills .

End-Discharge Vibratory Machines
• Literature describes the features of Almco’s end-discharge vibratory machines with tub capacities that range from 1 to 200 ft³ • Models feature urethane-lined tubs and separate variable speed drives with individual control panels • Includes “total service concept,” which offers process development and guarantee, correct equipment selection, media and compound recommendations, complete equipment setup and more.

High-Volume Rotary Parts Washer
Almco’s rotary-design washer features a six-ft-diameter turntable for precision cleaning of large metal parts or multiple batches of smaller parts. Designed with maintenance-free stainless steel cabinet and components, the three-stage model RCWR-72E can accommodate as many as 2,500 lbs of parts, loaded from a 3-ft × 6-ft opening at the front of the unit. Parts are spray-cleaned by a solution that comes from adjustable nozzles at the top, sides and bottom of the cabinet, followed by a water rinse and automatic moisture blow-off prior to part removal.

Parts Washers And Dryers
- Brochure highlights Almco's selection of aqueous parts washers and dryers - Included are multi-stage inline and U-bend washers and cabinet- and drum-style rotary units designed to take as little floor space as possible - Moisture blow-off is a feature for most units at the conclusion of the cleaning cycle and at various stages along the way     .

High-Precision Spindle Finishing
A compact, high production spindle-finishing machine engineered for highest precision and performance in deburring small gears and machined parts is now available from Almco, Inc. Requiring almost 15 square feet of floor space, the Model S2-30 finishes as many as 480 pieces per hour with extreme uniformity and consistency and exact process repeatability. Parts measuring up to 2 1/2" × 3" are loaded on one or both of the machine's spindles, either manually or with robotics if desired, and unloaded after a typical 15-second deburring cycle.

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