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Multitasking Takes a Turn

Multitasking Takes a Turn
Turn-mill machines are known for their capabilities in single-setup part production. Here are two very different examples of shops that are using multitasking to their advantage in medical machining.

3D Printer

First-Class Manufacturing with Additive
Close attention to detail and automation of key processes is helping this shop earn its place as a leader in the 3D printing industry.

Multitasking Represents a Trend for Growth
The need for turning shops to increase their capabilities by incorporating new technologies has allowed us to broaden our scope to include interesting topics such as multitasking machines. Read further for information about a shop that has added bar-fed mill-turn machines to better meet customer needs.

Company View

Applying Multitasking’s Versatility
Already finding success with its milling machines, this shop gained still more productivity when the manufacturer added turning capabilities to the latest models.

Machining Center for Small Workpieces
Here’s a different approach to a micromachining center--a machining strategy developed around interpolation, allowing machining operations to benefit from the dynamic control of the worktable while reducing the number of tools needed.

Purpose Built Micromachining Center
In metalworking, it is rare to find new approaches to well-established technologies; usually new developments are major or minor upgrades to known elements. This micromachining center is rewriting the rulebook.

A Look at High Precision
Here's an overview of the new features available on a series of multi-process machining centers designed for both bar-fed work and blanks.

Plates and bone screws

Software Meets Shop's Multitasking Machine Programming Needs
Structure Medical is not new to the medical supply industry; it is a spin-off of a company called Inovo, which is a manufacturer of oxygen regulators used in hospitals, nursing homes and the like. Inovo’s principals had been looking for growth opportunities.

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