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small, clean parts next to a penny

There are many ways to get your parts this clean. Research your options in the Parts Cleaning Knowledge Center. It contains everything you need to know about the science behind manufacturing cleaning.

Continual learning is part of our growth process and what makes us excel in our careers. To help with this, Production Machining has added a new Parts Cleaning Knowledge Center to IMTS spark. The knowledge center consists of updated articles written by manufacturing cleaning industry professionals who work for cleaning equipment OEMs and educational organizations. These articles include: 

  • Trends in industrial cleaning. Cleaning technology is being developed that is more effective for cleaning and drying complex metal parts that contain small recesses or holes.
  • Cleaning processes. There are many cleaning equipment methods that will accomplish your goals, but knowing which one is ideal for an application is discovered with the help of cleaning equipment OEMs and/or professionals who specialize in solvent or cleaning agents.
  • Corrosion protection. Learn about the different types of corrosion, as well as corrosion protection, post-cleaning corrosion prevention, and how to maximize cleaning and rust preventative programs. 
  • Cleaning regulations. Understand cleaning standards and regulatory trends and how to follow these regulations. 
  • Quality assurance and inspection for cleaning processesDiscover the most appropriate cleaning test for an application, cleaning compliance for automotive suppliers and more. 

Informative videos are sprinkled throughout the knowledge center as well as white papers and other helpful links to educational materials available on the IMTS spark platform. This includes access to cleaning and degreasing products from IMTS spark exhibitors and the spark Parts Cleaning Series, which is a series of webinars that are part of the 2020 Parts Cleaning Conference.

While you are there, don’t forget to check out the Parts Cleaning Series’ on-demand webinars that consist of presentations from Ecoclean Inc., Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonics (Cleaning Technologies Group), Sugino Corp., Kyzen Corp. and the new Manufacturing Cleaning Association. Watch and learn at your convenience!


  • Cleanliness Compliance is Critical for Automotive Suppliers

    Although not every shop has been affected by cleanliness specifications, many suppliers to automotive OEMs are already complying with stringent cleanliness standards. In Ford Motor Co.’s case, it has created its own cleanliness standards in order to save money and credibility. 

  • Continuous, In-Process Washing System For High-Production Machines

    Dan Walters' invention is a part washing machine that attaches directly to the machine tool while occupying about 10 square feet of floor space. The Wheelie Washer is a conveyor-like system that takes the parts through various chemicals and solutions, removing the oil from each part and drying them.

  • Simple, Effective Parts Cleaning

    After trying an array of parts cleaning methods over the years, this shop has implemented an environmentally friendly, relatively simple system to clean every part it produces.