Lori Beckman Senior Editor

Lori Beckman has been reporting on, writing and editing content in Production Machining since 2003. She attends IMTS and PMTS regularly, and visits machine shops and OEMs to find the most valuable content for PM readers. She spearheaded the Emerging Leaders annual awards program that she is passionate about. 

Lori is also the parts cleaning editor for this section in Production Machining and Products Finishing magazines, covering the manufacturing parts cleaning segment of the industry. She has attended the parts2clean trade show in Germany, is a member of the board of directors for the new Manufacturing Cleaning Association and is co-chairperson of the Parts Cleaning Conference held yearly.

Lori began her journalism career in 1999 as an associate editor, writing technical articles for two trade publications in the trucking industry. The magazines’ Chicago publishing company was eventually bought by Randall-Reilly. She got her start in manufacturing media working as an editor with Modern Machine Shop, PM’s sister brand.

Lori has a B.A. in Communications from the University of Dayton. She resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and two children.

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Visit to Clippard Reveals Value-Added Projects

By: Lori Beckman

Senior Editor Lori Beckman describes her experience visiting Clippard Instrument Laboratory to write her June feature article and reveals a medical monitoring value-added project that the company is working on for a customer. 


4 Questions About Cobot Integration

By: Lori Beckman

Many shops appreciate that cobots are easy to program and enable collaborative operation, but there might still be questions about how to install them.

Register for 2021 Parts Cleaning Conference Now!

By: Lori Beckman

See this year’s agenda, register, and learn more about the conference at partscleaningevent.com.

Ultra-Lite Totes 40% Lighter than Standard Fiberglass Containers

By: Lori Beckman

MFG Tray’s Ultra-Lite totes and containers are developed to meet customer demands for a sustainably lighter container that can withstand continuous industrial use.


Small Conveyors for a Machine Shop’s 24/7 Needs

By: Lori Beckman

The modular, compact and portable design of the Lite Series conveyors make them easy to integrate with existing equipment and easy to move around when jobs or processes change frequently.

Horizontal & Vertical Lathes

Laser Technology "Turns" into a Turning Tool

By: Lori Beckman

This new technology uses a laser to act as a cutting tool to "turn" parts from solid barstock. This high-speed precision turning machine is especially useful for micromachining, enabling high accuracy for small, complex parts that are often delicate and difficult to machine when implementing conventional turning processes.
#techbrief #micromachining #horizontal-and-vertical-lathes

Time is Running Out to Nominate Your Production Machining 2021 Emerging Leader!

By: Lori Beckman

Consider nominating a young person in the precision machining industry who has a refreshing passion for what they do and are leaders in their organization or community while inspiring those around them. June 1 is the deadline!


Low Frequency Vibration Increases Job Shop’s Productivity

By: Lori Beckman

With the ability to machine difficult materials more efficiently while improving surface finish, this job shop is reaping the benefits of its Swiss-type lathes that incorporate low frequency vibration.

Parts Cleaning

New Website is Resource for Industrial Cleaning Industry

By: Lori Beckman

Manufacturing Cleaning Association’s website offers information about membership as well as educational resources.

Turning Machines

Optimize Minimum Quantity Lubrication Control Through a CNC Program

By: Lori Beckman

Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) on a lathe offers many benefits when implemented properly. MQL becomes more of an asset when lubricant and air delivery can be controlled from a CNC program.
#techbrief #metalworkingfluids #horizontal-and-vertical-lathes

'Demo Days' Feature Manufacturing Technology Trends

By: Lori Beckman

IMTS spark is offering six consecutive Wednesday sessions with interactive demonstrations and discussions about the latest manufacturing technology trends. Register today!


Automated Cleaning System Improves Productivity

By: Lori Beckman

This rotary basket washer drastically reduced the number of operators tending to the cleaning process as well as removed the bottleneck from that station.