Turning Machines

Machining Complex Workpieces Complete

Multitasking machines deliver many benefits.


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With a counterspindle permitting four-axis machining, a B axis with a direct drive for complex five-axis simultaneous milling operations, and an additional Y axis for the lower turret, the new Hyperturn 65 Powermill from Emco Maier offers advances in productivity for series production.

This multitasking machine is especially designed for the serial production of complex workpieces increasingly found in the automotive, mechanical engineering, materials handling and aerospace industries.

Complex as well as costly turning, drilling, milling and gear cutting operations can be carried out in only one setup. Reducing multiple handlings, while producing workpieces complete, is a goal for many metalworking shops. Additional clampings and the temporary storage of parts are no longer necessary, and workpiece precision is greatly improved. Total production time, fixture and personnel costs, as well as floorspace requirements, can be reduced with this multitasking machine tool.

With a spindle distance of 1,300 mm, the Hyperturn has a large clearance for simultaneous machining on the main and counterspindles. With 29 kW and 250 Nm of torque, the counterspindle is powerful enough to machine the workpiece simultaneously with two tools in the cut at a time for greater machining productivity in a variety of materials.

The machine’s milling spindle with 29 kW, 79-Nm torque and 12,000 rpm, delivers high productivity in the complete machining of complex workpieces. The B axis uses a direct drive actuator, which provides the machines with good dynamics and contour capabilities in the five-axis simultaneous machining mode. In addition, tool change times are relatively short, so in-the-cut times are higher. An additional Y axis located on the lower turret makes extensive milling work possible at the same time as machining with the milling spindle.

For rigid axial and radial cutting, the milling spindle uses dual contact, HSKT63 tool interface for both turning and drilling/milling work. The milling spindle can be continuously swiveled within a range of ± 120 degrees and clamped anywhere.

With a Y travel of +120/100 mm, access to and contouring of complex machining work can be carried out in a variety of geometries. This includes gear-cutting operations, turning/milling work for crankpins, five-axis machining, and much more. The tools can be prepared according to the application’s requirements with a 20-tool capacity pickup magazine, or a 40- or 80-tool chain magazine.

The Y axis is accompanied by two interpolating axes, resulting in a distribution of the cutting force in two levels, and adds stability to heavy-duty turning and milling. This means the lower turret, with integrated milling drive, can also be used for complex milling operations at all 12 positions, combined with a Y axis with ±50-mm travel.

With the available 20-, 40- or 80-capacity tool magazines using HSKT63 toolholders, there are more possibilities for complete machining operations of complex workpieces. Cutting tool capacity is always a challenge. However, with these capacity choices, low setup times for individual parts manufacturing and high stability for turning and milling workpieces are the norm. The frontal arrangement for loading and unloading is easy to set up and more ergonomic for the operator.

The tool turret is also available with optional tool choices. As an alternative to the VDI30 or VDI40 interface of the 12-position tool turret, Emco offers a new generation of turret with BMT interfaces and direct drive. Higher stability and precision, and performance data similar to a milling machine, enable the complete machining of turning/milling workpieces.

The machine versions with a milling spindle and turret including milling drive have a cross slide underneath with a 12-position radial turret for 12 driven tools working up to speeds of 5,000 rpm.

For continuous operation in production or lightly attended operations, automatic bar machining and/or delivery of unit loads via a robot solution or the Emco gantry loader offer excellent potential for increased efficiency in automation.

In addition to mechanical and electrical performance values, control systems and software are increasingly determining the productive efficiency of machine tools. The Hyperturn 65 is equipped with the Sinumerik 840Dsl control unit from Siemens. The new user interface enables an intuitive and easier programming of the machine.  

The Emco CPS Pilot software permits customers to plan, program, simulate and optimize production runs on their PCs using a 3D machine model. The combination of the Hyperturn with the new Emco CPS Pilot results in extremely positive multiplier effects: The user-friendly interplay between CPS Pilot and the Hyperturn means significant cost and time savings can be achieved.

U.S. manufacturing is on a roll in no small part because of productivity increases from investments in more efficient machines, such as multitasking turn/mills and the process improvements they bring. For the manufacturing momentum to continue, continuous improvement within the manufacturing industry must continue as well. 


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