Collaboration is Key When Implementing New Machine Tools

Working closely with builders can help shops ensure that new machine tools are a success.


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Before purchasing a new machine tool, shops often spend a lot of time ensuring that the investment will pay off. So once a shop buys a new machine tool, it is important to implement the machine and train the operators correctly so that it sees the expected results. Working closely with machine tool builders during this stage can help shops ensure that a new machine tool is a success.

The article “Stretching the Limits with Swiss” illustrates this process. When the Autocam group needed to increase production on a direct injection gasoline engine pump component, it considered different options, including a Tornos MultiSwiss. After a thorough prove-out, the shop determined that the MultiSwiss could handle the challenges of the part and decided to move forward.

During the implementation process, the Autocam group sent two employees to Switzerland for about three weeks to work directly with Tornos engineers. The two companies collaborated to solve problems as they arose and built a stable process. It was eventually transferred to the U.S., where it has been running successfully. To learn more, read “Stretching the Limits with Swiss.”