Heimatec to Combine with Other Tooling Lines Under New Corporation


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Heimatec Inc. is part of a new corporation, Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc. Longtime president of Heimatec, Preben Hansen, leads the new company as its president and COO, holding a majority stake in its ownership. 

Mr. Hansen says the new company will enable the company to serve existing and new market opportunities in a more proactive fashion. He cited the recent expansion of the Chicagoland facility, with added office and warehouse space, allowing more staff to be hired and larger inventories to be carried on all lines to be represented by the new company. “The Heimatec products will continue to be our main focus, but we are fully committed to the growth and success of Tecnicrafts and our other product lines,” he says.

Other developments in the works, Mr. Hansen says, include additional lines of machine tool accessories and related machine components. Heimatec Inc. has been adding various other brand names to its roster over the years, most recently the very successful guide bushing and collet line from the global supplier Tecnicrafts Industries. Platinum Tooling will make a further investment to this line with extensive inventory and the purchase and installation of a grinding machine.  Bringing this process “in house” will improve delivery times and strengthen market position. 

Additional personnel and sales representative firms are being sought to augment the existing team, Mr. Hansen says. “Nothing will change in our interaction with current customers, reps and distributors. We’ll be enhancing our capabilities, however, with more application engineering, service technicians and staff dedicated to the specific tooling lines we represent,” the company says. “In that way, our value proposition and overall service package to the industry will rise to new heights.”