Electric Spindle System Offers Full Tool Changeability

Originally titled 'Electric Spindle System has Full Tool Changeability'
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NSK America’s i-Speed 5 utilizes multiple spindles with independent rpm settings.


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NSK America Corp.’s i-Speed5 is an electric, fully tool-changeable, high-speed spindle system which is designed to enable lights-out, high-speed machining. The company says that multiple spindles can be utilized with full tool changeability and independent rpm settings. This .500 hp, 60,000 or 80,000 rpm variable speed system has full integration and communication capabilities to the CNC Control. The i-Speed5 is available in most BT, CT and HSK tapers. A remote unit is available to allow the controller to be mounted inside the machine’s electrical cabinet, utilizing the integral ventilation exhaust tube. The i-Speed5 is said to maintain NSK America’s guarantee of less than 1 micron TIR. A constant clean stop block is utilized to connect the NSK i-Speed5 system to the controller.


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