Indexable Inserts Handle Turbine Blade Machining

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With its specialized coating technology, the Walter WMP45G Tiger-tec gold-grade is designed to improve turbine blade machining.


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Walter’s WMP45G indexable inserts are designed to handle the challenges of turbine blade machining. The inserts, available as round indexable inserts for the F2334R copy milling cutter, are designed for face milling and copy milling of martensitic and austenitic stainless steels. 

The combination of a heat-resistant, tough substrate with a TiAIN coating layer enables Tiger-tec Gold to boost tool life, increase productivity and provide process reliability, according to the company. The inserts are available in three different geometries—D57, D67 and F67—to suit various machines, clamping arrangements and workpiece geometries. This insert is said to boost the number of turbine blades milled in multi-tasking machines from 20 to 50 percent. The company says this turbine blade grade is especially useful for users who work with high volumes and require high machine output.


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