6/2/2020 | 1 MINUTE READ

Marposs Offers Auto Die Match in Form/Thread Rolling

Originally titled 'Automatic Die Match Optimizes Form/Thread Rolling'
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Brankamp X5 option continuously monitors the rolling process.


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Marposs’ Automatic Die Match (ADM) option for the Brankamp X5 in-process monitoring system automatically controls the die match in form or thread rolling if the dies are not aligned. The ADM feature helps the operator find an optimum setting during setup for dynamic operation at nominal machine speed. After setup, the Brankamp X5 system continuously monitors the rolling process, detecting rollbacks and automatically controlling the ADM if the dies are not aligned.

According to the company, in cold forming, the insertion of the blank into the forming tools plays a crucial role in process stability and reducing the potential of failures. This is particularly true in thread or form rolling with flat dies where the insertion of the blanks into the rolling tools significantly determines the quality of the forming. With ADM, the system transmits positioning information to the machine control system in the event there are changes in the vertical force signals. If the vertical force falls below the specified limit value, Brankamp X5 generates a corresponding warning message and the adjustment is stopped and only activated again when it is exceeded again. 

To ensure that the quality monitoring integrated into the process does not impair the productivity of the machine, the company says that the parts detected as faulty are separated from the good parts by a sorting device without interrupting the production. The X5 systems enable manufacturers to optimize machine efficiency, improve part quality and limit unplanned downtime and tooling costs, helping lead to 100% workpiece quality control.


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