Single & Multi-Spindles

Video: Machine Shop President Explains Advantages of Tool Presetters

When contract shop MetalQuest purchased its first multi-spindle, it also purchased a dedicated tool presetter for the machine. Learn why the company president feels shops of all sizes can benefit from measuring tools offline.

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Starrett Multisensor Vision System Inspects Large, Complex Parts

More of the part can be viewed in every image, enabling greater efficiency and accuracy for quality control processes.


Zeiss Digital Microscope Offers Extended Depth of Field

A Micro-mirror Array Lens System (MALS) simplifies the imaging and documentation process, enabling faster inspections and higher throughput.


Verisurf Software Enhances Faro Arm Measurement Functionality

Verisurf Software for Faro Arms improves performance, capabilities and universal compatibility.


Vision’s LVC200 Measures Large Pieces, Multiple Small Components

Automated video measurement system’s features include advanced video edge detection, easy reporting and data export, DXF overlays and profile fitting, with a thread measurement option.


Starrett Wireless DataSure 4.0 Offers Secure, High-Speed Measurement Data Collection

Advanced wireless data collection system for acquiring precision measurement data features extended range, data security, multiple gateways, compact size and high speed.


LK Metrology Gate is Flexible Inspection Monitoring, Analysis Portal

Portal provides remote access to information on the status and performance of all connected metrology devices.


Big Kaiser Presetter Option Speeds Data Transfer to Machining Centers

The system can also be configured to send measurements directly into the numerical control tool’s offset table.


Starrett Micrometers Designed to Withstand Harsh Elements

More than 100 electronic digital micrometers feature improved ergonomics, functionality and productivity.


Measure 3D Parts Without Losing Time

This high-speed metrology and inspection system is said to process complex geometries faster than traditional inspection methods.



Automated Inspection on the Shop Floor

Most machine shops understand the value of automation when it is applied to such operations as turning, milling and grinding.


To Scan or Not to Scan

Industrial metrology professionals are constantly tasked with finding the best methodology to inspect parts.

Automation & Robots

Programmable Gages Help Create Automation Cell

Conroe Machine (Conroe, Texas) is doing what most machine shops only dream of: hard turning a family of parts around the clock in an unmanned cell that operates a “self-controlled” process.

Single & Multi-Spindles

IMTS spark Session: Production Matters — Why a CNC Multi-Spindle Makes Sense for MetalQuest

Live discussion on Dec. 18 focuses on MetalQuest’s decision to diversify by adding its first CNC multi-spindle machine for greatly reduced cycle times on an existing high-volume job.


Mitutoyo MiScan Vision System Measures Array of Workpiece Sizes

Multiple sensor microscopic-form measurement system uses combined coordinate measuring machine and vision measurement system technology, and features a microform scanning probe.


Gaging’s Value for Effective Unattended CNC Machining

Process control is a bigger deal for high-volume CNC machining operations to eliminate scads of scrap/rework because a problem was not identified early on.


Starrett Large Multisensor Vision System Optimizes QC Process

System has dual optical systems and touch-probe capability to measure parts with a diverse range of feature sizes and geometries.


Mahr Offers Easy-to-Use Mobile Surface Measurement System

Mahr’s MarSurf M 310 mobile surface measurement system offers high-precision measurements to test surface roughness on small and large workpieces. 


Renishaw FixtureBuilder 8.0 Simplifies Inspection Fixture Modeling

Renishaw FixtureBuilder 8.0 3D-modelling software offers measurement advances.