Oelheld Cooling Lubricant Suitable for Heavy Duty Machining

AquaTec 7655 is a water-miscible product suitable for general to heavy-duty machining of steels, plastics and aluminium alloys.


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Oelheld AquaTec 7655

Oelheld AquaTec 7655

Oelheld’s AquaTec 7655 is a water-miscible coolant has been specifically developed to offer high emulsion stability while requiring little maintenance, even in high production environments.

This cooling lubricant helps optimize machining processes, increase productivity and impact the quality of produced parts, the company says. A water-miscible product, AquaTec 7655 is suitable for general to heavy-duty machining of steels, plastics and aluminium alloys; is TRGS 611 compliant; formaldehyde free; and is said to ensure a long cutting tool life, good corrosion protection and good workpiece surface finish.

AquaTec 7655 is well suited for metalworkers operating at a high capacity and looking to reduce maintenance costs.


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