Faster Centerline Setups for Anti-Vibration Boring Bars

A serrated, magnetic device has been developed to speed centerline adjustment for Iscar’s Whisperline vibration-damping boring bars.

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Tungaloy HPC SpinJet High-Speed Spindle Driven by Coolant

High-Speed spindle line utilizes a CNC machine’s existing through-spindle coolant supply as a pressurized power source, eliminating the cost and need of external air or electric power supplies

Walter CBN Indexable Inserts Designed for ISO K, ISO H Materials

Latest CBN grades are said to provide more productivity and reliability for machining cast iron, sintered metals and hardened steel.

Heimatec Adds Coolant-Through Designs to Drill Head Tooling Line

Options include coolant-through designs up to 1,000 psi on straight and 2,000 psi on angle head tools.

Mikron Tool Offers Cutting Tools in Fractional Inch Dimensions

Now offers swiss cutting tools with diameters in fractional inches, starting from 1/64" up to 1/4".

Kennametal’s HPX Drill Designed for Increased Tool Life, Productivity

Solid carbide drill for steel applications has unique point design and multiphase coating to last longer, generate lower forces and make better holes.

Big Kaiser’s Noventa Cutter has Advanced Geometry for Front, Back Chamfering

Tool transforms chamfering process to improve cycle time, tool life and surface quality.

Horn Supermini Clamping System Increases Repeatability

Clamping method enables cutting inserts to be held in place with more force, which, in turn, makes the entire system more rigid and results in higher repeatability.

Big Kaiser EWA Boring System Compensates for Cutting Edge Wear

When used in conjunction with in-process measuring systems, the closed-loop boring system can automatically compensate for cutting edge wear, resulting in less scrap, improved accuracy and considerable time savings.

Secomax CW100 Ceramic Insert Ensures Stable,Predictable Tool Life

Insert boosts machining speeds when working with heat-resistant superalloys.


Video: High-Performance Hard Turning

Machine shops involved in turning hard parts will be interested in learning about these new inserts that were specially designed for this particular operation.

Video: Micro Insert for Live Tooling on Swiss Lathes

This easy-loading 5-mm I.C. micro insert is designed to run at maximum feed rates and is equipped with fine-pitched densities for high-productivity machining.

Live Demo Video: New Digital Boring Head and App

The EWD EVO digital boring head from Big Kaiser connects with newly developed smartphone and tablet app.

Seco Assistant Machining App Saves Time, Boosts Productivity

Seco Assistant mobile app streamlines the daily machining experience, combining vital information and tools with a smooth user experience.

Kennametal Boring System Simplifies Precision Adjustment

Kennametal’s digital-ready fine boring tools are easy-to-use for more productive, predictable and accurate boring.

Haimer Power Clamp Shrink Fit System Reduces Cycle Times

System enables smooth and clean cooling to reduce shrinking and cooling cycle times.

Horn Supermini HP Eliminates Need for Multiple Tools

Supermini HP is a multifunctional tool for drilling, turning, boring and facing.

Allied Machine Offers High-Penetration Drill System

T-A Pro drill designed to extend tool life, create consistent quality holes and provide better chip evacuation.

Walter Micro Drill Has Internal, External Coolant Capabilities

Walter USA’s Supreme DB133 solid carbide micro drill delivers high precision and productivity.