Platinum Tooling's Tool Program for Automatic Lathes

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The company offers a new line of live and static tools for Swiss-Type CNC automatic lathes.


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live and static tool for Citizen CNC Swiss machine

Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc.’s Citizen tool program is now available. This line includes both live and static tools for most Citizen lathes.  Designed to optimize the machine’s parameters, these precision tools are efficient and cost effective, the company says.

Originally developed for the manufacture of precision parts in the watch industry, Swiss-type CNC automatic lathes are now used throughout the industry to produce automotive components, screws and pins for the medical industry and precision parts for electrical engineering.

In addition to Citizen, Platinum Tooling is constantly striving to expand its tooling programs in an effort to maximize the machines’ capabilities and improve productivity.   


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  • Making Micro Threads

    Production of micro threads can be challenging, but using the most suitable tools for a given application can simplify the task.

  • Broaching On A Lathe

    Producing a keyway, spline or similar longitudinal feature on a turned part usually necessitates an additional, time-consuming, secondary operation on a broaching or slotting machine. That means moving the part to and from a secondary operation, an extra setup, additional labor and hourly machine costs and all of the other headaches that go with secondary operations.