Ready2Probe Measurement Software Simplifies Part Inspection

Originally titled 'Measurement Software Simplifies Part Inspection'

Marposs Corp.’s Ready2Probe software assists users in commands and codes to generate the measurement cycle, based upon the machine tool part program. 

Marposs Corp.’s Ready2Probe software application is designed to assist CNC users when programming cycles for measuring and checking components and tools using Mida spindle probes, lasers, TBD (tool breakage detector) and VTS (visual tool setter). Using icons and menus, the software assists users in commands and codes to generate the measurement cycle based upon the machine tool part program. This helps to reduce programming time and errors when generating G code while improving quality assurance.

The software is a Windows-based application that is compatible with the CNC control interface or a computer. Upon initiation of the program, users can interact with all of the Mida products. The user then selects from a calibration, automatic or manual cycle. The software then prompts the user to input cycle time information along with an option to input additional requirements.

A macro string is then generated from this information, which the user can copy or automatically transfer into a part program. If needed, the user can also write the macro directly into the CNC by clicking a single button.