TC420 Supreme Delivers Reliable Surface Finishes

Originally titled 'Thread Former Delivers Reliable Surface Finishes'

With its polygon geometry and other design innovations, the Walter USA TC420 Supreme thread former has up to 30 percent lower torque and a better surface finish than is normally gained with thread cutting.

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The TC420 Supreme thread former from Walter USA features a substrate and a polygon geometry that provides reliable forming, less friction and a long tool life. In addition, its polished surface yields a better surface finish than is usually achieved with thread cutting.

This combination of features enables the product to have a long tool life by producing as much as 30 percent lower torque with higher cutting speeds. The product features various coolant configurations, thread tolerances, chamfer forms and overall lengths. This thread former can be used universally since it is ideally suited for most ISO material groups. Applications include 3.5 × DN with grooves/internal coolant and 3.0 × DN without grooves/internal coolant.