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As Seen In Production Machining

Stand-Alone System Connects, Feeds Parts Into Grinders
Glebar Company has designed a stand-alone device, which connects and feed parts into existing grinders.

Micro-grinding machine

CAM.2 Micro-Grinding System Handles Long Part Length
Glebar Co.’s CAM.2 micro-grinding machine combines multi-axis servomotor control, submicron positioning and a 15” touchscreen interface.

Grinding at the Micron Level
This article looks at how Glebar Co. has applied sliding headstock to its grinding machine and has employed centerless grinding principles to achieve high accuracy and complex geometries to production of very small diameter workpieces.

Manufacturing Efficiently at a Micron Level
Grinding very small-diameter instruments for use in medical procedures is a niche business for this micro-grinding machine manufacturer. The company makes machines that use a variety of grinding techniques to manufacture guidewires for the medical industry.

Centerless Grinder Uses Single-Disk CVD Roller with CNC Dressing
According to the company, the centerless grinding process for manufacturing a fuel injector nozzle valve can sometimes incorporate as many as 20 critical dimensions, all of which need to be centerless ground.

Glebar’s GT-610 CNC Centerless Grinder Delivers Savings for Aerospace Fasteners
Setting up eight parts per cycle is the same as setting up one part per cycle on this system.

Glebar Opens Parts Distribution Facility in Ireland
New facility provides next-day parts shipment of critical components.

New Digs for Glebar
Glebar has consolidated its three locations into a new single facility in Ramsey, New Jersey. 

Centerless Grinding Solutions Bring all Processes under One Roof
A supplier of high performance engine components used by major racing teams, including endurance racing, NASCAR and NHRA, SCCA, Le Mans and marine racing, needed to reduce lead times and the cost of grinding its components.

GT-610 CNC Centerless Grinder Automates Part Production
An arthroscopic shaver application, developed by Glebar Co. for its advanced GT-610 CNC centerless grinder, is now delivering the most precise inner and outer tubes for use by orthopedic surgeons.

GT-610 CNC Centerless Grinder for In-feed Grinding Multiple Parts
The GT-610 CNC grinder from Glebar enables in-feed centerless grinding on multiple parts per cycle with an 8-5/8"-wide (219-mm-wide) grinding wheel.

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