BXA20 T-CBN Inserts Enhance Solutions for Hard Turning


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Tungaloy adds a number of new geometries and shapes to its BXA20 line, a grade of coated T-CBN inserts, designed for efficiency for hard turning operations.

The BXA20 insert boasts a nano-multilayered PVD coating, which is twice as thick as conventional grades and coated on a dedicated PcBN substrate with enhanced toughness. This adds both wear and fracture resistance to the grade, designed for long and predictable tool life in continuous to interrupted cuts of hardened parts, the company says.

Twenty-two items are being added to this line, including inserts with wiper geometries and WavyJoint technology, to address a range of hard part turning needs.

BXA20 provides wear and fracture resistance in low to medium speed. Suited for a variety of applications from continuous to heavy interrupted cuts of hard part finishing as well as descaling of case-hardened steel, which often accompanies large and varying depths of cut.

WavyJoint brazing technology boosts productivity in large depths of cut and high feed rate conditions. 


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