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As Seen In Production Machining

Preci-Flex double-collet chuck

Exsys Two-Collet Chuck Doubles Turret Station Capability
Designed for Mazak Quick Turn and QTU Series turning centers with optional high-speed drive motors, Y-axis functionality and standard BMT turrets, the double-collet chuck can deliver speeds up to 10,000 rpm with a 1:1 ratio and 20 Nm of torque and features 1,000 psi or 70-bar internal coolant.


Exsys Tooling Systems Reduces Setup and Change Times
Exsys’ Compacto base holder and Preci-Flex modular tooling system are said to reduce setup and tool change times for CNC turning centers.

Planetary-type gearbox

Eppinger Planetary-Type Gearboxes Ensure Uptime
Exsys Tool Inc. has expanded its line of Eppinger high-precision industrial gearboxes to include planetary-type gearboxes that provide energy efficiency, minimal heat generation and smooth motion for a variety of applications and industries.

Tooling system

Preci-Flex Modular Tooling Systems Have Compact Design
Exsys Tool Inc.’s Preci-Flex modular tooling systems include toolholders that match the processing speed of optional 10,000-rpm machine spindles to boost productivity and achieve surface finishes.

Five-axis rotary table

Five-Axis Rotary Table for Small VMCs
Exsys Tool Inc.’s five-axis rotary table TAP is for small, high-speed vertical machining centers and allows users to upgrade a vertical machining center to increase productivity without incurring the expense of a new machine.

Skiving Drilling and Milling Head

Exsys' Skiving Head Expands Turning Machine Capabilities
Exsys Tool’s 90-degree skiving drilling and milling head provides angled drilling and milling capabilities, enables the machines to perform gear skiving, and generates both internal and external gears with helical profiles. 

Exsys pL Lehmann 500

Multi-Axis Rotary Tables Improve Access to Workpiece
Eastec 2017: The pL Lehmann 500 series of modular multi-axis rotary tables from Exsys Tool enables users to upgrade a vertical machining center to increase productivity without incurring the expense of a new machine.

Multi-Axis Rotary Tables Increase Productivity
These tables allow users to upgrade a VMC to increase productivity.

Base Holder Enhances Tool Accuracy
The Compacto C3, C4, C5 and C6 base holders enhance the efficiency and productivity of CNC turning machines, the company says.

Promotion Rewards Tooling Users
Each week, Exsys customers have a chance to win $100 by sharing their product experiences on social media.

Precision Gear Solutions Provide Reliable Operation
Exsys Tool Inc. offers a range of Eppinger precision gear solutions suited for applications including machinery, automation and robotics.

Tool Positioning System Reduces Setup Times
The Eppinger Trifix tool positioning system, recently introduced by Exsys Tool Inc., is designed to facilitate quick and accurate exchanges of both static and driven tooling for DMG/Gildemeister multitasking machines.


Recently Created Position Will Expand Company Presence on East Coast
Exsys Tool Inc. recently named John Thomas its territory manager for Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Exsys dual-collet chuck

Dual-Collet Chucks Expand Tool-Storage Capacity
Exsys will display its dual-collet chuck line designed for use with CNC turning machines.

Exsys Tool Preci-Flex tooling adapters

Modular Tooling System Adds Extended, Shrink-Fit Adapters
Type 02 extended adapters and shrink-fit adapters have been added to Exsys Tool’s Preci-Flex line of high-precision modular tooling systems.

Slotting or Gear Hobbing on One Machine
A compact gear hobber system allows shops to generate splines, spur or helical gears in one operation.

Tooling Tailored for Mazak Machines
For saving time and money, Exsys Tool Inc. has developed rotary and static toolholding concepts specifically for Mazak Corp. turning centers.

Miniature Tooling System Big on Swiss Turning
The use of Swiss-type sliding headstock machines for processing medical parts continues to grow. The work involves very intricate high-precision machining that has been placing an increased emphasis on tooling setups and change-over times.

High Precision Tooling Adapters
The PRECI-FLEX tooling system features a single base holder and multiple tooling adapters that utilize the ER collet pocket.

Preci-Flex toolholders

Adapter System Improves Tooling Change-Overs
Exsys Tool Inc. ’s Preci-Flex toolholders are a fast, accurate and cost-effective solution for lathe tooling change-overs.

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