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Warmer days are here for many of us as we begin taking small steps to emerge from a pandemic-induced hibernation. Now’s a great time to check out some of the latest new and/or improved products in the precision machining industry.

Every month, we’re putting together a Technology Showcase, highlighting some of the product information that PM received from supplier companies. For April, we’re focusing on measurement, including a new tool presetting solution; electronic micrometers designed to withstand harsh elements; a gate portal for a flexible, web-based monitoring and analysis platform; and more.

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  • Robots as Precision Machine Tools

    To remain competitive, high-end manufacturing companies are looking for accurate, reliable and maintenance-free machine tools offering fast change-over, programming and setup. Industrial robot technology could provide an excellent base for machining because it is flexible and affordable.

  • In-Process Thread Inspection

    A supplier that cannot guarantee thread quality can be hit with thousands of dollars in penalties and risks a strained relationship.

  • Determine Passivation of Stainless

    Properly cleaned stainless steel is naturally protected from corrosion by a thin, passive film. But this passive layer can be removed or scratched. A passivation meter measures the surface potential under controlled conditions.