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THINBIT® offers DESIGN-A-GROOVE®. DESIGN-A-GROOVE® tooling is modified according to a customer’s specific application requirements.


FORM-A-GROOVE® tooling improves production by generating complex profiles in a single plunge.


THINBIT®, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, is pleased to present the MILL A GROOVE™ line.


THINBIT® manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, is pleased to present the Microbit® line.


Thinbit® presents Laser Images, its full service laser engraving service.


THINBIT®, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, is pleased to announce the expansion of the DEEPGROOVE® line of support blade style tooling.

As Seen In Production Machining

milling insert

Groove Milling Line Eliminates Secondary Lathe Operations
Eastec 2019: Manufactured by Kaiser Tool Co., Thinbit’s Mill A Groove line is designed for trepanning on a CNC milling machine.

Thinbit inserts

CBN and PCD-Tipped Inserts Perform Custom Geometries
Thinbit’s inserts tipped with CBN and PCD are said to provide an increased production rate, improved surface finish and dimensional control when used on high-temperature alloys and when used on nonferrous and abrasive metal.

Thinbit IMTS Booth Offers Hands-On Experience
Visitors to the booth can use touchscreen displays and watch videos to learn more about this company’s tooling products. They can also discuss projects with application engineers in the booth.

Groove ‘n Turn Dovetail Grooving Inserts Machine O-Rings
The insert design is optimized for strength by using an insert pair to generate the groove form.

Deepgroove Internal Face Grooving
Thinbit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, has expanded the Deepgroove line of support blade style tooling.

Thinbit Acme Threading Inserts
Thinbit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, has expanded its Groove ‘N Turn line with Acme threading inserts.

Groove’n Turn Right Hand Face Grooving Inserts
The Groove’n Turn line with right hand, counter-clockwise face grooving inserts are designed to cut internal face grooves with major diameters starting at 0.300”. The Groove’n Turn inserts are available in 0.004” through 0.150” in 0.001” increments with sharp corner through full radius options.

Support Blade-Style Tooling Designed to Cut Internal Face Grooves
Thinbit has expanded its Deepgroove line of support blade-style tooling.

Micro-Grooving Tools Provide Many Parts Solutions
This shop taps a range of advanced equipment to machine parts from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and high-nickel-content alloys that often have application critical features. Micro-grooves fall into this category.

Deepgroove Support Blade-Style Tooling for Internal Grooving
Thinbit’s Deepgroove support blade-style tooling is designed for internal grooving with a minimum bore diameter of 1" (25 mm) and are compatible with 2-mm, 3-mm and 4-mm inserts.

Design-A-Groove tooling.

Specialized Tooling Configurations Available
ThinBit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, features Design-A-Groove tooling that can be modified according to a customer’s specific application requirements.

Thinbit Celebrates its 50th Anniversary
The Kaiser Tool Company is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Thinbit grooving tools line in 2014.

Inserts Machine Static O-Ring Grooves
An addition to the Groove ‘n Turn line for machining static O-ring grooves is available in OD and face grooving styles.

Toolholders for a 30-60-Degree Angle
Groove ‘N Turn toolholders are available in 3/4" and 1" square and are used for making undercuts and thread reliefs at a 30-degree/60-degree angle. 

Grooving Tools for Complex Profiles
Using ThinBit Form-A-Groove tooling, form tools can be customized to generate complex profiles in a single plunge.

Grooving Inserts
The company has a new addition to its Groove’n Turn line for machining static O-ring grooves.

toolholder adapters

Toolholder Adapters
The company has expanded its selection of adapters for the Mini-Bore, Microbit and MiniGroove ‘N Turn lines of tooling. The new adapters are available with 3/4" and 1" outside diameters and 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" inner diameters.  .

Groove n’ Turn toolholders

Addition to Toolholder Line
Groove n’ Turn toolholders offer a new holder available in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1" diameters. It has a 1. 250" minimum bore and holds inserts with cutting depths to 0.

Groove N' Turn toolholder

Round Internal Toolholders
Thinbit by Kaiser Tool Company has expanded its selection of internal Groove N’ Turn toolholders. The holders are available in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1" diameters. They have a 1.

Indexable Boring Bars--Thinbit
Thinbit expanded its selection of Mini-Bore indexable boring bars to include carbide trigon bars. These bars have superior rigidity and yield better surface finishes, deeper cutting depths and longer extension ratios.

Small Bore Profiling And Back Turning
Thinbit's Microbit solid carbide tools now include small-bore profiling and back turning down to 0. 125" minimum bore. This addition compliments the existing Microbit tooling line and is now capable of meeting all small-diameter tooling requirements including ID or face grooving, boring/turning and threading.

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