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A shop who wants to be profitable will need to spend more money on equipment. Selecting the right machines, learning about processor speed, capability and functionality as well as change-over and flexibility are all important topics to understand. Michael Huggett, national sales manager for Index USA, will be speaking about these subjects during a webinar on Feb. 22 at 2 p.m. EST.

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Picking Probes for Toolsetting and Detection

Taking a page from President Reagan when he spoke about nukes and the then Soviet Union: “Trust but verify.” In a way, that’s the thinking behind using probes for toolsetting and workpiece position detection. The machinist trusts that the tool is set as advertised or the part is fixtured correctly, but it’s in the best interest of all parties to make sure.

We published the article, “Choosing the Right Toolsetting and Detection Technologies,” about some of the probing technologies available in the precision machined parts shop and how they are best applied for various tasks. It covers such options as wired or wireless probes, touch or non-contact probes and other options available.

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Working with local suppliers can be very beneficial to shops. It can provide access to unique processes that only dealers can provide and for new jobs a supplier knows the machines better than the customer. This is especially true when contracted work can’t be discussed openly. In such an instance when a shop isn’t familiar with machines and processes but needs to keep details secret to the public, they are dependent on a supplier’s inventory and knowledge.

Cosmopolitan Engineering (CE) is a Sheffield, England-based company involved in securing and processing contracts with workpieces to be used in projects that include precision one-offs for marksman’s guns, steam traction engine parts and nuclear project work the company isn’t allowed to discuss. For that reason, CE has relied on T W Ward CNC Machinery Ltd. (Ward CNC) for many years to supply machines that help the shop meet customer demand across the U.K. in all industries. These CNC machines consist of a L400LMC lathe, a SKT-300 turning center, a L300C two-axis lathe, and a Hartford Omnis 1020 VMC.

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Last month, Tsugami/Rem Sales, LLC hosted its second annual Technology Center Open House in Fullerton, California. Above are video highlights of the 2-day event that consisted of machine demonstrations, consulting sessions and presentations by the company’s long-time industry partners, DP Technology Corp. - ESPRIT and Edge Technologies. Representatives from those two companies presented on “Programming Tsugami Swiss” and “10 Things Everyone Should Know About Bar Feeding.”

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6 Things to Know about Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is the process of removing contaminants using sonic energy produced by industrial ultrasonic cleaners. In the article, “A Refresher Course on Ultrasonic Cleaning,” Bob Sandor, Ph.D., director, Novatech LLC, gives suggestions about how to select the correct ultrasonic cleaner. While rereading this article, six main ideas jumped out at me as points for shops to remember when selecting ultrasonic equipment.

For further explanations of these six, read the entire article here.  

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