Unique 2020 Recession Impacts Market Segments Differently

By: Michael Guckes

There are many reasons why the present recession requires business leaders to think differently about this recession and not necessarily rely on the lessons learned from past downturns.

The Story Behind Production Machining's November Cover Image

By: Lori Beckman

Obtaining a good cover photo for each print issue of Production Machining isn’t easy, especially recently as we haven’t been able to visit shops to take shots ourselves.

Industry 4.0 Commonality Across Sectors

By: Matthew Kirchner

As Industry 4.0 technology advances, manufacturers should be open to importing talent from other sectors (retail, hospitality, health care and more) into the world of machining. The technologies in other sectors have more in common with ours than one might think.

OB7’s Seventh Axis and a Digital Printer

By: Lori Beckman

The creator of the OB7 robot, Zac Bogart, talks about how this human-like robot arm came to be. 


Why Using Pirated Software is Riskier Than Ever

By: Gary Hargreaves, chief legal officer, CNC Software Inc.

Machine shops and manufacturers that use pirated software risk losing much more – both directly and indirectly.

Production Machining Opens 2021 Emerging Leader Nominations

By: Lori Beckman

Consider nominating a young person in the precision machining industry who has a refreshing passion for what they do and are leaders in their organization or community while inspiring those around them.

Precision Machining Index Ends October at 16-Month High

By: Michael Guckes

New Orders and production lift Index, while supplier deliveries cast a shadow.

Carbon. Carbon. Carbon. The Secret to Understanding Steel

By: Miles Free

In the real estate industry, the secret to understanding how any property transaction will be priced is “Location. Location. Location.” In order to understand steel, it is Carbon. Carbon. Carbon.

Webinar: Vacuum Degreasing’s Safe and Effective Process

By: Lori Beckman

This on-demand presentation by Kyzen Corp. describes the latest technology for vacuum degreasing, including chemistry and equipment developments, cleaning performance, and more as part of IMTS spark.

Parts Cleaning

An Opportunity for Building a Strong Community

By: Lori Beckman

The new Manufacturing Cleaning Association brings the parts cleaning industry together to work toward a common goal of building relationships.

Parts Cleaning

Considerations for Bringing Passivation In House

By: Cheryl Larkin, northeast regional sales manager, Miraclean

If passivation is often required by your customers, moving this process in house can save time and money. However, it involves proper chemical handling and safety, compliance, equipment design and setup, and budget.

CNC Machine Shops: Help Production Machining Help You

By: Derek Korn

While our magazine’s editors keep up with CNC machining industry trends and technology, we remain open to hearing about article topics that you feel will help your business grow and become more efficient. Your feedback is welcome.