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When Programmer Jonathon Wilyat realized he had a passion for CMM programming, he began sharing his skills with his coworkers at Camcraft. His passion started soon after his father, who also is employed at the company, introduced him to it once Jonathan took on his first position as a machine operator two years ago. Then Jonathon attended training courses to learn even more about the company’s CMM so he could operate it when he was needed.

“Jonathon picked up the CMM quickly and in no time was showing his coworkers features within the software that they never knew existed,” says Camcraft engineer and Jonathon’s nominator, Michael Goldman. “He showed his peers all sorts of useful features and how they could be integrated with the CMM software.”

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The bar feeder is perhaps the most widely used piece of automation in the metalworking industry. It has been around so long most don’t even consider it automation, especially in a world of robots, pallet shuttles and other more dramatic material handling devices.

However, the bar feeder is a critical, foundational accessory for turning operations of all stripes. The bar feeder continues to be developed and increasingly needs to be matched to an application to provide optimum efficiency.

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As part of a wave of manufacturing professionals who are spreading positive messages about the industry’s technology-driven culture and career tracks, Terry M. Iverson, president/CEO of Iverson & Co. (a machine tool distributorship and rebuilder in Des Plaines, Illinois), is sharing his message supporting U.S. manufacturing by authoring his first book. In “Finding America’s Greatest Champion: Building Prosperity through Manufacturing, Mentoring and the Awesome Responsibility of Parenting,” Terry examines changing perceptions on topics such as how people view the art of manufacturing, view the return on the prototypical college education and contend with student loan debt. He also explores the importance of mentoring young people to become the next generation to strengthen America’s manufacturing industry.

While spending a year researching and writing his book, Terry interviewed more than 40 professionals, including elite athletes, executives, parents, clergy, media personalities and leaders in manufacturing, education and politics. Throughout the book, these professionals contribute their thoughts on topics such as mentorship, parenting and the importance of manufacturing in the U.S.

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CAMplete Solutions Inc. has partnered with Haas F1 Team in the FIA Formula One World Championship. “Every program created in our shop is posted and simulated in CAMplete TruePath,” says Greg Syverson, CNC shop manager with Haas F1 Team. “It has been invaluable for helping us achieve successful, unattended machining of complex components made specifically for wind-tunnel testing on our 60-percent scale-model car.”

CAMplete has 20 years of experience in 5-axis machining and machine simulation. The company’s TruePath package bridges the gap between all major CAM systems and milling machines by providing everything needed to post and simulate 5-axis tool paths in a dedicated 3D environment.

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Machinists needing to produce parts with threads have many options for how to perform this operation. One of the most efficient processes is thread whirling, in which a circular toolholder with indexable insert cutters is mounted on an attachment that is canted to create the thread’s pitch. The blank is extended through the spindle or guide bushing, rotating at a low rpm. The cutting tool rotates around the blank, with each insert in turn cutting the thread into the blank.

The article “Two New Twists on Thread Whirling” takes a look at thread whirling and describes two variations on the process that promise to make it even more efficient. Horn’s “Turbowhirling” concept uses roughing and finishing inserts in the toolholder. The two types of inserts are specially designed to perform each task, improving tool life.

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