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Live Online Event Features Mazak’s New Technology

Mazak Corp. has found an alternative to showcasing its new technology to the industry without encouraging an in-person event. The Mazak All Axes Live digital experience, created on a website platform and held Aug. 11, consisted of a one-hour and 17-minute live video presentation from the company’s Midwest Technology Center in Schaumburg, Illinois, as well as its National Technology Center in Florence, Kentucky. This “Discover More with Mazak” live event, the first of several that the company is planning, also enabled the more than 400 attendees to access 16 video on-demand demos for different featured Mazak machine tools. If you missed the event, it’s not too late to access the archive to experience the company’s new technology yourself.

The live presentation, moderated by Kevin Bates, general manager of the Midwest Technology Center, included an introduction to and demonstration of the new Variaxis C-600 five-axis machining center, a Mazatrol SmoothAi CNC demo and a Mazak automation systems demo.

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Leader Modernizes Company with New Technology and Processes

As operations manager at Everett Industries, Gary Sweeney has been transforming the 58-year-old company into the modern age by implementing ISO 13849/EN/CE safety systems and updating precision machining technology. In his 10 years with the company, he has taken organically developed engineering and product development systems and transformed them into scalable, reliable, efficient methods.

A 2020 Production Machining Emerging Leader, Sweeney has grasped many skills in his role as he continually grows as a leader and a partial owner at Everett. He has learned about aluminum casting, tooling and heat treating to secure the company’s supply chain. He has inventoried, qualified and improved its fixtures for machining the castings. He also has taught himself the Mazatrol CNC control (circa 1992).

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Improve Energy Savings and Efficiency with Vector Kinematics

“There’s always room for improvement” is a mantra that Mafac, a German manufacturer of aqueous parts cleaning equipment, has taken to heart. The company recently upgraded its kinematic cleaning technology to a vector kinematics process, which it says creates an even more effective way to spray clean machined metal parts, especially those with blind holes and recesses that are often difficult to clean with other techniques. Because its vector kinematic process results in faster cleaning and drying times, the company, whose cleaning machines are distributed in the U.S. by Jayco Cleaning Technologies, says these cleaning systems can enhance cleaning effectiveness and save users up to 20% in energy usage.

Mafac believes that the more motion taking place within the cleaning process, the better. Therefore, its latest vector kinematics process includes even more movement for cleaning and drying components. In contrast to the process using a conventional nozzle system, the workpieces being cleaned with the vector kinematics method are not hit at a specific angle. Instead, the nozzle tube performs a rocking, rotational movement 35 degrees to either side, while the basket receptacle system rotates synchronously at an adapted speed.

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Automated Manufacturing in the U.S. Makes for a Fitting Process

You DIY-ers out there might know about SharkBite, a push-to-connect plumbing solution for home repair work, remodeling and new construction as well as water heater installation. Those products are available at big-box outlets such as Home Depot and various plumbing supply stores all over the country.

Say a copper pipe in your house breaks. Instead of soldering a connection inline, you’d simply insert either end of the pipe into a SharkBite fitting, resulting in a secure, leak-proof connection without having to break out the propane torch, solder and flux.

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Protecting employees, customers and products from harmful contaminants is a priority for all machine shops. For example, using surface disinfectants continually is vital to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, most recently SARS-CoV-2 (the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease), in a shop environment. But unless the proper disinfectants are being used and implemented correctly, the process of disinfecting will be ineffective. Knowing how to read disinfectant labels and accurately interpreting their meanings is crucial in the fight against transmitting the pathogens.

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