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Do you have a co-worker under the age of 40 who goes above and beyond his or her job description to improve a work environment or the precision machined parts industry at large? Do you know a colleague who is outstanding at his or her job who you think deserves recognition in the industry? If so, please nominate him or her for Production Machining’s 2019 Emerging Leader Awards.

The awards place emphasis on leadership and potential leadership, whether it is in the nominee’s company or their environment in the industry.

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May 1-2, 2019, Tornos Technologies will host an open house to celebrate the grand opening of its Customer Center in Chicago and celebrate 60 years of success in the U.S. At 13,000 square feet, the customer center includes a showroom to showcase products, a large warehouse to accommodate spare parts inventory and an office space. In conjunction with the celebration, the company previewed its 7-mm SwissNano.

The design of the SwissNano enables turning, drilling, cutting, deburring, roughing and finishing operations. A range of precision parts can be machined on this machine, including parts for micro-mechanics, electronics, medical and dental segments. 

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I have always loved every single one of my customers except one. Callen owned and operated a small machining company in Wisconsin. Initially I liked him. A military veteran with a direct communication style, he ran a tight ship. One of the parts he machined for his customers required an outside operation that Callen’s company couldn’t do. But our company could, so he outsourced the operation to us. About six months into the relationship I received a phone call inviting me to Callen’s office to discuss a lead-time issue. As it turns out, one of our customer service people had committed to a delivery date, and due to an unexpected maintenance issue, we missed it—not ideal, but it happens. Callen’s reaction was over the top. For a good 10 minutes he berated me and our company. As his tirade culminated, he finished it off by saying, “If your customer service person ever lies to me again I’m going to drive over to your plant, reach down his throat and rip out his lungs.” I saved him the trouble by firing him as a customer. I didn’t like Callen very much.

I have always loved every single one of my customers, except a second one. Like Callen’s company, Robert’s outsourced a secondary operation to our company because his didn’t have the particular capability. Robert machined about 50 different SKU’s for a major OEM. The parts were very similar to one another, meaning that lot control was paramount. If an order was misidentified and the parts were labeled using the wrong part number, they could arrive at Robert’s customer’s production line misidentified. Despite our efforts to the contrary, after processing our very first set of orders, we were alerted by Robert that several of the parts had gotten mixed up when we ran them.

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Production Machining’s April Digital Edition is now available. This issue features emphasis topics of Workholding and Data-Driven Manufacturing, with special coverage of Multi-Spindle Machines. The cover story looks at how a system of quick-change collet chucks can benefit a range of turning applications. Our other feature profiles a shop specializing in the production of custom control products and communication accessories that has an unusual approach to multi-spindle production.

This month’s Tech Brief examines a predictive maintenance system that can warn of machine failures before they occur by means of infrared thermal imaging, vibration and oil analysis and integrated sensors and monitoring modules.

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By: Julia Hider 11. April 2019

PMTS 2019 Recap

The Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) celebrated its 10th edition with a move to a new city (Cleveland) and a record number of exhibitors (more than 300). The show is the only one in North America that focuses on precision machining. Exhibitors displayed products specially geared toward the industry and gave live demonstrations of their technology, while experts gave presentations on practical subjects for shops in the Tech Talk theater. PMTS is co-located with the Parts Cleaning Conference, which helps shops stay on top of the latest cleaning regulations and technologies.

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