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In November, Mazak presented its Discover 2019 event, an education and technology showcase that drew thousands to its North American manufacturing headquarters in Florence, Kentucky. Coinciding with this event, the company's regional facilities hosted Discover More with Mazak events.

Discover 2019 demonstrated new technologies designed to increase efficiency and productivity to keep manufacturers competitive in today's automated and digital manufacturing world. The lineup included hybrid multitasking machines with additive manufacturing, friction stir welding, hot wire deposition and auto gear package; digital manufacturing solutions including mixed reality remote service support and a new machine spindle health monitoring system; and several new functions and features including artificial intelligence within Mazak's Smooth Technology manufacturing platform.

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Emerging Leader Jessica Presutto Increases Sales by 12%


Jessica Presutto didn’t come to CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies thinking she would one day be a sales coordinator at the company. In 2012, she was hired to oversee all administrative duties, accounting processes, part shipments, and to answer telephones, all while supporting the other (only) three employees.

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Advanced CNC Training Program Teaches In-Demand Skills


Recent, rapid advancements in technology are changing and challenging many industries. As new technologies permeate the manufacturing industry, the demand for employees with advanced machining skills increases. Those that possess these skills will rise to the top of the talent pool.

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As the world becomes a more digital place, we cannot forget about the human connection.
— Adam Neumann

Let’s take a trip back in time. Imagine a scene 40 years ago—I’m in my mid-teens, flipping through shelves of vinyl albums at the local record store. Many of you may have a similar memory of yourself, perhaps in a slightly different timeframe. Music was big then, as it is now. Not everyone loves music the way I do, so I’m sure I had a larger than average collection of records, but almost everyone I knew had at least some. We liked to listen to music; we liked to talk about it. But attaining the songs we wanted to hear was often a challenge.

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Additive Manufacturing Advances to Production

During the past few years, Production Machining has been introducing coverage of additive manufacturing because we saw its potential to support production machine shops. During that time, its use has grown significantly, both in general manufacturing and in our readers’ shops.

Initially for our audience, additive seemed more of a novelty. After years of removing material for a final product, it was a significant adjustment to think about building components from metal powder or extruded plastic. But its advantages have encouraged us to adjust our approach. Additive found its way into prototyping for more and more applications until we started to wonder if it had potential for full production of parts.

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