Cutting Tools

Measuring the Merit of Ceramic Cutters

By: Lori Beckman

In testing new ceramic microtools, a precision dynamometer ensures that cutting forces are measured precisely so tool performance parameters can be determined. 
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Parts Cleaning

The Right Solvent Creates the Cleanest Parts

By: Lori Beckman

Cox Manufacturing Co. has worked with Kyzen Corp. since it implemented its vacuum vapor degreaser to find just the right chemical solvent to clean its customers’ parts to their specifications and beyond.

Data Enables Machines to Tell Their Own Stories

By: Lori Beckman

These examples reveal how a data collection system has minimized machine tool downtime and costs while simultaneously offering valuable insights into a shop’s processes.
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What Robotics Means for the Cutting Tools Industry

By: Thomson Mathews, ANCA Software Product Manager

Friend or foe? Helper or fiend? Here’s what robotics really mean for the cutting tools industry and which pitfalls to avoid.

Cutting Tools

Bringing a Broaching Tool Manufacturer into the 21st Century

By: Julia Hider

This broaching tool manufacturer had been making its products the same way since 1945, but a new owner updated everything, from the equipment to the culture and the way it does business.

Parts Cleaning

Part Cleanliness is Second Nature

By: Lori Beckman

While the general public has ramped up its concern about cleanliness, I can’t help but think about shops that have parts cleaning operations that are always concerned about cleaning.

Will This CNC Machining Magazine Editor Choose Comfort or Change?

By: Derek Korn

That’s the question I asked myself when presented with the opportunity to become this magazine’s next editor in chief. I chose change.


Swiss Shop Turns Precision into Profit

By: Chris Felix

The quality demands for micro-machined parts are swiftly increasing. Shops must be ready and willing to adjust their machining strategies to fit the need.

Machine Tool Search Made Easy

Find out what turning equipment is available in the market by using TechSpex machine tools search engine.

Foster Teams that Support Psychological Safety

By: Todd Palmer

The behaviors that create psychological safety — conversational turn-taking and empathy — are part of the same unwritten rules we often turn to, as individuals, when we need to establish a bond.

Turning Machines

3D Printing’s Value in a Production Turning Environment

By: Derek Korn

A shop had a problem with chips and coolant being shot back through tube material it was machining on a bar-fed CNC turning center. Its solution was to 3D-print a plug to insert into the back end of the tubes. It uses its 3D printer in other ways, too.

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