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Workforce Development: What We Can Do Better

The workforce development issue is truly one of global scale. Chinese workforce shrank from 941 million in 2011 to 916 million in 2017— a decrease of 25 million people, which is approximately 3% of the workforce, according to official Chinese government statistics.

Our international colleagues from Germany report that they too are facing a shortage of workers, particularly in the sign-up for apprenticeships. In Switzerland, our contacts report that while they can find people to train on the new modern CNC equipment, very few young people today are interested in training on the classic Swiss mechanical machines that have been producing the most intricate and precise components for generations.

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Test to Find Answers to a Cleaning Solution Dilemma

Although there is not one cleaning solution that is suitable for all industrial cleaning tasks, finding the best cleaning fluid for a specific application is possible by carrying out practical trials, backed up by lab analyses. Manufacturers must identify the most cost-effective solution for each individual cleaning application. Apart from the actual cleaning method, the entire production process, including the type of machining used as well as the transport and storage containers, must be taken into account.

This article includes an analysis of three cleaning trials where both solvents and aqueous cleaning agents were tested. The results offer a clear picture of the best solution to use for each application.

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Medical Screw Solution Includes More than Cutting Tools


Each year, manufacturers make 900 million medical screws. That number is growing, so every second that manufacturers can save in the production process counts. Most of these screws are produced on lathes. The thread is machined on the main spindle, and the hexalobular Torx socket is produced on the subspindle. The second operation is usually slower and is what defines the part’s cycle time. This gives manufacturers an opportunity to improve efficiency. Even if it is only by a few seconds, the manufacturer can save time and money.

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Emerging Leader Andrew Reinwald Focuses on Increasing Sales with New Offerings


Andrew (Andy) Reinwald’s experience in manufacturing started in his high school years when he worked in his grandfather’s shop, Ripley Machine and Tool Co. He began operating machines full time upon his graduation in 2011, and then was promoted to operations manager shortly thereafter. He became president of the company when he took over ownership in 2015. According to his grandfather and nominator, Quentin Bensink, Andy has worked hard to explore uncharted territory to drum up new business and has used creative, yet effective, avenues to do so.

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