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Production Machining Industry News, October 2019

Methods Machine Tools Inc. has announced that, effective Oct. 1, 2019, it is representing OKK Corp. in North America.

"We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with OKK to import, distribute and provide service and support for its broad range of high-quality machine tools," says Mark Wright, president and CEO of Methods Machine Tools Inc. "The addition of the larger capacity line-up of OKK horizontal, vertical, and five-axis machines ideally complements our current machine solutions."

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“My brother is spending the summer learning how to make coffee and copy documents,” a college student shared with me this summer, as he joked about his sibling’s internship with a major Midwest-based employer. His brother’s primary responsibilities with that company were to ensure the coffee was always hot and abundant and to do grunt work for his superiors, a group comprised of everybody else in the office.

What a major missed opportunity, I mused, both for the intern and his employer.

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How to Collect and Use Machine Data

Manufacturers have begun to shift how they view machine monitoring. They no longer want machine monitoring—they feel like they need it. But before diving in, shops should have an understanding of what types of data they can collect, and how to use this data to help drive decision making.

With so many potential data points to collect, manufacturers may think the first step is to decide what to monitor. However, according to machine monitoring software provider MachineMetrics, this is not the case. Because the architecture for gathering data is relatively inexpensive, shops don’t need to limit what they collect. Data can be collected in an efficient and cost-effective way directly from the machine, from outside systems (such as CAM or enterprise resource planning [ERP] programs) and via sensors.

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By: Jack Lynch 10/25/2019

Tips for Improved Holemaking

Cutting tool manufacturers face a constant challenge when raising performance levels of their products, including the important intermediate area of holemaking. But depending on their type, drills can vary substantially in their capabilities. They have established application areas according to hole requirements, practical limits to tooling and tool development. A few drill types dominate holemaking, a machining process made up of sub-areas that are evolving along with changing drill capabilities.

Indexable insert drills provide unbeatable production economy, with high machining productivity for bolt-type holes as well as some thread-tapping holes. Drill-depth capability is 5× the diameter.

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Emerging Leader Jason Schwartz Demonstrates Spirit of Service


As the common idiom goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” in business, it’s safe to say, “Don’t’ judge a person by their title,” meaning a person’s title isn’t always accurate; it often doesn’t tell the whole story about the person. This is true for Kyzen Corp.’s Southern Regional Sales Manager Jason Schwartz. Jason has taken his sales title further, providing superb service to his customers, which has included consulting on his own time and without compensation, and spending long hours on the road at night to meet with customers when he knows he is needed.

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