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PUBLISHED: 10/6/2015

MaxQ End Mill Series Offers Maximum Speed and Removal Rate

LMT Onsrud LP’s line of solid carbide end mills, the MaxQ series, features maximum material removal, maximum tool life and minimal edge wear for end users cutting a variety of materials.

PUBLISHED: 9/2/2015

Briney Tooling End Mill Holders Produce Reduced Runout Capability

Briney Tooling Systems’ Tru Position end mill holders with reduced TIR of 0.0002 use a custom engineered internal eccentric grinding technique that produces the reduced runout capability.

PUBLISHED: 8/18/2015

SwiftCarb Seven-Flute End Mill Allows Helical Ramp of up to 8 Degrees

Up to 40 percent faster than a standard five-flute end mill, the seven-flute XT7 RampMill's end geometry allows helical ramp engagement of up to 8 degrees in steel and exotic metals, the company says.

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2015

Coolant-Through Thread Mills Allow Tool to Retain Hardness

Scientific Cutting Tool’s coolant-through thread mills are designed to efficiently use coolant-through technology that allows the tool to retain its hardness, and thereby extending its life, the company says.

PUBLISHED: 7/7/2015

Diamond Coating for Tungsten Carbide End Mills Allows Milling of Cemented Carbide

U.S. Union Tool Inc. has developed a diamond coating for its UNIMAX Series UDCB and UDCL tungsten carbide end mills to improve hardness and durability for cutting cemented carbide.

PUBLISHED: 6/24/2015

Small Diameter, High Feed Mill for Metal Parts

The MFH Mini from Kyocera Precision Tools Inc. is a small-diameter, high-feed end mill for processing metal parts.

PUBLISHED: 6/12/2015

CoroMill QD Groove Milling Concept Features Internal Coolant and Dedicated Insert Geometries for Milling

The main challenge in groove milling is often chip evacuation.

PUBLISHED: 5/19/2015

Seco Highfeed Cutters Deliver Increased Speeds and Feeds

Seco Tools LLC expanded its Highfeed series of indexable-insert milling cutters to include the Highfeed 2 and 4.

PUBLISHED: 3/29/2015

OSG’s Phoenix Catalog for Indexable Drilling and Milling

The OSG Phoenix Vol. 4 catalog is available in print and digital versions.

PUBLISHED: 3/4/2015

End Mills Enable Hexalobular Shapes

Mitsubishi Materials’ VQ-XL Series three- and four-flute end mills enable the machining of precision hexalobular (T4, T6, T8, T15, T25 and T40) shapes common to bone screws in a two-step process: drill, then helical mill.

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