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A New Approach to CNC Turning

This turning process takes advantage of a turn-mill’s B-axis spindle to vary a tool’s approach angle to optimize chip control and feed rates. 

Horizontal & Vertical Lathes

Romi GL250 Turning Center Features Thermal Stability

PMTS 2021: The turning center offers thermal and geometric stability to maintain consistent accuracy, performance and productivity.


Does a Scanning Probe Make Sense on a Swiss-Type?

Swiss-types have limited tooling capacity, but there can be advantages to giving up some of that capacity to take advantage of a touch probe — in fact, a scanning probe — to enable in-process part measurements.


Custom Tooling, Workholding Help Whip Rotors Into Shape

Whipple Superchargers uses unique form tools and dead-length-collet workholding for its B-axis turn-mill enabling it to create more accurate rotors for its brand of engine power-adders.

Horizontal & Vertical Lathes

Laser Technology "Turns" into a Turning Tool

This new technology uses a laser to act as a cutting tool to "turn" parts from solid barstock. This high-speed precision turning machine is especially useful for micromachining, enabling high accuracy for small, complex parts that are often delicate and difficult to machine when implementing conventional turning processes.
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Precision Machining Technology Review: Turning Machines

Production Machining’s March Showcase includes Tsugami/Rem Sales, Expand Machinery, NexTurn Swiss Machine, Mazak and Romi Machine Tools.


Video: Machine Shop President Explains Advantages of Tool Presetters

When contract shop MetalQuest purchased its first multi-spindle, it also purchased a dedicated tool presetter for the machine. Learn why the company president feels shops of all sizes can benefit from measuring tools offline.

Horizontal & Vertical Lathes

Romi C 420, C 510 CNC Lathes Well Suited for Gun Barrel Machining

Romi C 420, C 510 CNC Lathes are flexible and can be used for numerous speciality applications, including gun barrel manufacturing.


Low Frequency Vibration Increases Job Shop’s Productivity

With the ability to machine difficult materials more efficiently while improving surface finish, this job shop is reaping the benefits of its Swiss-type lathes that incorporate low frequency vibration.


Advancements in Thread Whirling Tooling Technology

Many understand the advantages of thread whirling on a CNC Swiss-type. However, new tooling technology for this thread-machining process can further improve cycle times and reduce cost per part.


Why a CNC Multi-Spindle Machining Center Makes Sense for MetalQuest

An early adopter of multitasking equipment, this Nebraska contract manufacturer has taken what it feels is the next logical step to diversify by adding a multi-spindle for greatly reduced cycle times on an existing high-volume job.

Helpful, Free CAD Model for Those Who Machine DOM Tubing

This machine shop 3D prints a plastic plug that it inserts into the end of tubing to prevent chips and coolant from entering the lathe's bar feeder. It offers a free CAD model of it for other shops machining that material.

Precision Machining Technology Moving Shops Forward

New equipment and software continue to be developed to support the needs of production machine shops like yours. Here’s a sample of technology now on the market that can help you grow your operation and become more efficient.


Mazak QT-Ez Turning Centers Offer Easy Automation Integration

The QT-Ez Series has been designed for a range of automation solutions — from simple bar feeders and parts catchers to full cooperative robot installations.

Horizontal & Vertical Lathes

Optimize Minimum Quantity Lubrication Control Through a CNC Program

Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) on a lathe offers many benefits when implemented properly. MQL becomes more of an asset when lubricant and air delivery can be controlled from a CNC program.
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Automation & Robots

Making Waves with Lathe Automation

After years of relying on an extensive machining cell for part production, this marine equipment manufacturer has now reduced part handling and improved quality through use of single-setup lathes and automated loading and unloading.


Expand Machinery’s Genturn-52 CS Simplifies Setup, Reduces Costs

Sliding headstock machine has no guide bushing, thus simplifying setup while reducing job expenses and setup time.


7-Axis Swiss Lathe Features Built-in Motor Spindle

Machine is built for rigidity, accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Horizontal & Vertical Lathes

Mazak’s Virtual Campus Tour and New Equipment Now Available

Mazak Corp.’s new virtual campus tour teaches visitors about the company’s offerings and its manufacturing processes without leaving their desks. Also, get a sneak peek at the company’s latest machine tool offerings here.