Highest and Best Use for Operating Expenses

To keep your business going, you need more than workforce, equipment and materials. PMPA Affinity Partners can enhance your workforce safety, protect your investment in plant and equipment, provide lower costs for energy and shipping, and expedite your quoting process.

Data-Driven Manufacturing — Profitability GPS

What data drives your shop? Here’s an unexpected look at the kinds of data that you ought to be using to make your shop the most competitive and sustainable that it can. Spoiler alert — no new sensors or IT technologies are required to get the payback from these data tools.

Cold Work: Work Hardening and Your Precision Machining Shop

The pros and cons of cold work, work hardening.

Welcome Tom Halladay, PMPA’s New Board President

Tom Halladay talks about  H&R Screw Machine Products, his history with PMPA and his vision for PMPA this year. 

Finishing Services that Remove or Reshape the Component Surface

Cribsheet provided by PMPA member Pioneer Service Inc., Addison, Illinois

The Most Common Types of Finishing Services for Precision Machined Components - Part 2

Cribsheet provided by PMPA member Pioneer Service Inc., Addison, Illinois

Interview with Cate Smith About PMPA’s Annual Meeting 2020

PMPA’s executive director, Cate Smith, shares her first experience at PMPA’s Annual Meeting which took place in person on October 22-25 at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgeville, Missouri.

Precision Machining — What Has Changed Since COVID-19 Began?

Is new technology the change? The essential workers that have been making parts that make a difference are the real change — and it is a positive change that bodes well for manufacturing, workforce and our economy.

Carbon. Carbon. Carbon. The Secret to Understanding Steel

In the real estate industry, the secret to understanding how any property transaction will be priced is “Location. Location. Location.” In order to understand steel, it is Carbon. Carbon. Carbon.

Ventilator Crisis — Clippard Delivers for Ford

Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio, harnessed their talent, experience, capabilities and PMPA network to deliver 50,000 sets of ventilator parts to Ford Motor Company. 

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"Speaking of Precision" is a podcast from industry expert Miles Free III in which he talks about precision machining. All episodes can be found on major platforms.

The Most Common Types of Finishing Services for Precision Machined Components - Part 1 of 2

Cribsheet provided by PMPA member, Pioneer Service Inc. in Addison, Illinois

Craftsman's Cribsheet: Honing and Lapping — Special Finish Processes

Cribsheet provided by PMPA member Pioneer Service Inc., Addison, Illinois

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"Speaking of Precision" is a podcast from Industry expert Miles Free III, in which he talks about precision machining. All episodes may be found on major platforms.

Beware of False Unemployment Claims Filed with Your Information

False unemployment claims are a reality during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a quick reference as to what to look for and how to handle it if a false unemployment claim is filed with your name. 

Why You Should Consider Standard Work

Standard work is a means to reduce the number of decisions that your performers need to make in order to ensure that compliant parts are produced.

Smith & Richardson — Surviving COVID-19

Rich Hoster, president of Smith & Richardson Inc. in Geneva, Illinois, shares his business experiences with COVID-19 challenges.

PMPA’s Annual Meeting Pivot

The schedule for PMPA’s Annual Meeting in Ridgedale, Missouri, October 22-25, was scrapped and revamped to address the issues our members are facing in today’s COVID-19 world. 

Craftsman's Cribsheet: Mechanical Property Tests — Hardness and Hardenability

A Glossary of Basic Steel Testing Terminology

From Unemployment to Essential Worker — Adapt to Thrive

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” - Peter Drucker

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Geoff Dawson from PMPA member FANUC America talks about their history, how robots have enhanced the workspace and about their latest automation family.

Craftsman's Cribsheet: Unleaded Brass for Plumbing Use

Laws have outlawed the provision of plumbing systems containing significant amounts of lead.

A Peek Behind the Curtain

For the PMPA members (or nonmembers) who wonder how things get done at PMPA National, here is a little peek behind the curtain. 

Sometimes It’s the Steel

Sometimes it can be the steel. Frustratingly, because it came in exactly as you asked. Ask better.