Why You Should Consider Standard Work

Standard work is a means to reduce the number of decisions that your performers need to make in order to ensure that compliant parts are produced.

PMPA’s Annual Meeting Pivot

The schedule for PMPA’s Annual Meeting in Ridgedale, Missouri, October 22-25, was scrapped and revamped to address the issues our members are facing in today’s COVID-19 world. 

Craftsman's Cribsheet: Mechanical Property Tests — Hardness and Hardenability

A Glossary of Basic Steel Testing Terminology

From Unemployment to Essential Worker — Adapt to Thrive

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” - Peter Drucker

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Geoff Dawson from PMPA member FANUC America talks about their history, how robots have enhanced the workspace and about their latest automation family.

Craftsman's Cribsheet: Unleaded Brass for Plumbing Use

Laws have outlawed the provision of plumbing systems containing significant amounts of lead.

A Peek Behind the Curtain

For the PMPA members (or nonmembers) who wonder how things get done at PMPA National, here is a little peek behind the curtain. 

Sometimes It’s the Steel

Sometimes it can be the steel. Frustratingly, because it came in exactly as you asked. Ask better.

Craftsman's Cribsheet: Contract Review — Thought Starters

An effective contract review process can effectively manage risk for all parties.

How Do We Fix American Manufacturing?

In America, many have lost sight of the fact that the object of the act of manufacturing is not merely the generation of maximum profit, but instead the creation of value. 

A Commitment to Reducing Machining Times

Steven Baier, Haimer USA’s vice president of Sales, shares the company’s four core competencies, its commitment to reducing machining times and why thinking like a manufacturer has proven beneficial. 

COVID-19 Effects on the Manufacturing Workforce

How has COVID-19 actually affected the manufacturing workforce? Have employer needs changed? Are the changes here to stay?

Communicating in an Isolated World

With the COVID-19 pandemic, communication has never been more critial and new communication channels influence change.

Legacy Policies are Dead. Long Live the New Policies!

Growing up, I learned that necessity is the mother of invention. During the recent COVID-19 crisis, many of us found out that necessity is indeed a cruel mother.

The Bottom Line is the Byproduct of Good Work

Victor DaCruz, owner of DACRUZ Manufacturing in Bristol, Connecticut, shares industry experiences and his perspective on PMPA.

Craftsman's Cribsheet - Heat Treat

What else to look for when choosing a heat treater.

12 Working from Home Leadership Tips

As companies focus on social distancing, the PMPA has suggestions for providing good leadership while employees are working at home.

Effective Associating — Better Together

Where do you go to make sense of the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that can overwhelm your ability to manage your shop?

Update on Update

Just before the Covid-19 overtook the country, Precision Machined Products Association was able to hold its annual Update Conference. 

Better Together Even When We’re Apart

The first four months Cate Smith spent as PMPA’s Executive Director. 

W.H. Bagshaw Co. — 150 Years of Precision Machining, Manufacturing Careers, Families and the Community

What lessons can we learn from a precision manufacturing company that has thrived its way through the past three industrial revolutions?

OSHA Inspection Priorities Update 2019-2020

Late in 2019 OSHA revised its inspection priority weighting system.

Growth of a Company

Peterson Tool Co. was founded in 1958 by John L. Peterson, Sr., with a $500 loan and 1,000-sq.-ft. barn in a town outside of Nashville, Tennessee. More than 60 years later, Peterson Tool fills 40,000 sq. ft. between two adjacent facilities and serves 30 countries.

Effective Communication: Who

The answer to “Who” isn’t just a name — it’s a person. Discover the different communication preferences for each generation.