Collets Vs. Chucks

Find the definition, types and advantages of both CNC collets and chucks for workholding as well as the best applications for each, in this article.

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TX Series Pull-Down Chucks Have Constant Clamp Force at Higher Speeds, Feeds

SMW Autoblok’s 3-jaw pull-down chucks are fully sealed, featuring high accuracy and heavy-duty gripping for metal cutting applications.

Hainbuch’s Centrotex S Part Clamping System Designed for Small Workspaces

Mini clamping device changeover system requires less tightening torque to speed up assembly and reduce changeover times.

Workpiece Positioning System Features Simultaneous Actuation

ZeroAct can simultaneously clamp three units in place, thereby giving users tremendous flexibility in machining operations, while also saving time and increasing operator safety.

Clamping Disks for Chucks and Mandrels Enable Low TIR

Clamping discs for its flange chucks and flange mandrels feature true running accuracies of just 10 microns, and offer greater loading clearance and longer operating life.

Northfield Air Chucking System Requires No Air Tubes, Hoses

Pressure-Lok air chuck is charged with air by a special handle and holds air pressure for over two weeks.

Schunk Rota-M Flex Chuck Jaw Offers Flexible Clamping Capabilities

Chuck jaw has a very long compensation stroke, giving it increased flexibility for clampable workpiece geometries and a wide variety of applications.

Jergens Pyramid Risers Enable Multipart Loads for Five-Axis Machining

The pyramids feature a 30-degree mounting surface to ensure maximum clearance for spindle and cutting tool paths, resulting in more machining per setup.

SMW e-motion Power Chuck Enables Contact-Free Adjustment

Each jaw is independently controlled and monitored by an individual electromechanical drive, which enables many clamping functions — all within one fully automated chuck.

SMW Power Chuck Made for Heavy-Duty Machining

SMW’s HFKS-2G Power Chuck delivers twice the grip force than standard 3-Jaw chucks.


Strengthening Grip

Workholding for milling operations commonly involves vises that clamp with movable jaws. This technology has continued to progress to match the requirements of five-axis workholding.

VIDEO: Bar Puller Assists Untended Operation

Automation can bring speed and consistency to many different manufacturing operations. When it can be added with relatively minimal expense, the move seems even more compelling.

Pallet-Transfer Multi-Spindle Machining Center Defies Classification

Increasingly, new machine tools are being developed that defy existing classification code by virtue of their multi-tasking capabilities.

Hainbuch 2-Jaw Module Adapts to Clamp Cubic Parts

The 2-Jaw module delivers small alternative to large centric vice.

Big Kaiser UniLock System Stabilizes Tall Parts

Big Kaiser’s UniLock Stabilizer 50 system can easily adjust to new parts – making machining more efficient and cost-effective.

Dillon Fast-Trac Jaw Nuts Reduce Change time

Nuts convert standard chucks into quick-change chucks, reducing jaw change time.

MicroCentric Pistol Grip Changing Fixture Offers Fast, Easy Collet Changes

Two models enable efficient changes in spindle machines.

SMW Chuck Clamps Most Workpiece Geometries

Centco4 self-centering and compensating chuck can clamp virtually any type or shape of geometric part. 

Garant Xtric Vice Expands by 4 Base Lengths

Garant Xtric centering vice is provided with center jaw, gripper mounting holes and Endutec automation interface.