Live Online Event Features Mazak’s New Technology

The All Axes Live event highlighted the newest technology from Mazak and enabled the more than 400 attendees to access 16 video on-demand demos for different featured machine tools. 

The Precision Machining Technology Show: Live and In-Person!

PMTS 2021 will be one of the first opportunities for the metalworking industry to personally connect during a live event in over 18 months! This industry thrives on personal connection, and seeing how the machining processes work in person. Register today!

Zeltwanger X-Cell Smart Laser Cell Integrates Variety of Processes

The core processes include laser welding, laser marking, leak testing and machine tool loading.

Three-Spindle Machine Offers Greater Size, Power

The flexibility of this machine enables changeover in less than 15 minutes, improving the management of small- and medium-sized batches.

Munchman Conveyor Eliminates Production Line Downtime

Conveyor manages long, stringy and nested metal chips generated from high-speed turning and milling operations to eliminate expensive machine stoppage.

AF160 Gear Hobbing Machine Facilitates Flexible Manufacturing

The AF160 can process gears with an outside diameter of up to 60 mm and a length of 250 mm. The machining length is between 110 and 180 mm.

Gun Barrel Processing Cell Incorporates Drilling, Reaming and Rifling

The machines can be combined into processing cells that enable efficient drilling, reaming and rifling as many as 20,000 small-caliber firearm barrels a month.

Romi Hybrid Machining Centers Enable 3D Metal Manufacturing

Switching back and forth from subtractive machining to additive manufacturing is as simple as making a tool change.

Method Machine Tools’ JobShop Cell Pro Offers Multiple Infeed, Outfeed Options

System includes a RoboDrill D21SiBadv Vertical Machining Center Series, which has several different pre-engineered end-of-arm and infeed/outfeed options for a range of part and capacity requirements for medium-volume applications.

LNS Oil Mist Collector Provides 98.3% Filtration Levels

An optional HEPA filter kit uses recyclable E11 filter media for even greater results.

Expand Machinery’s Genmill VMC Provides High-Strength Cutting Platform

VMC combines strength with speed for optimum productivity.

Takumi H10 Double-Column Machine Built for Speed, Accuracy

Machine is well-suited for die/mold, aerospace and other high-speed applications.

Automated Enshu VMC Eliminates Idle Time

The part load/unload mechanism is equipped with twin arms for efficient part handling and zero idle time.

Bantam Desktop CNC Machine Mills Aluminum Parts

Easy-to-use CNC machine pairs with intuitive software to enable product designers, educators and engineers to make, prototype and build right out of the box.

Automatically Optimize Your CNC Machining Feed Rates

New feed-rate-optimization technology can enable CAM programmers to reduce cycle times and increase tool life for milling and turning operations.

Romi’s D Series Vertical Machining Centers Built for Rigidity and Speed

These VMCs absorb vibration to allow consistent production of highly precise parts.

3D Printing vs. CNC Milling for Prototyping

Many factors, such as price, part size and material come into play when deciding whether 3D printing or CNC milling is the best method for making a prototype.

Chiron Group Opens Digital Machine Tool Plant

Chrion's new Precision Factory was designed for production and assembly of its new 16 and 25 series of machine tools.

Mazak’s Quick Turn 250MSY and GR100 Add Automated Multitasking

The Mazak GR100 integrates into any of the Quick Turn 200/250 series machine models.

Methods Introduces its Own Brand of VMCs

Methods Machine Tools Inc. line of Methods branded three-axis vertical and five-axis bridge-type machining centers are all engineered and built to Methods' highest specifications and quality standards. 

FlexCNC G-Series VMC Machines Long Parts

Eastec 2019: FlexCNC’s G-series vertical machining centers are designed for face milling, helical milling, rough milling and drilling of large or long parts in a single set-up. 

Hurco BX40Ui Machining Center Designed for Rigidity

The Hurco BX40Ui five-axis CNC double-column machining center, with trunnion table mounted along the Y-axis, is said to combine performance and flexibility. 

Tongtai Vertical Machining Center Features Multi-Axes

PMTS 2019: Absolute Machine Tool’s Tongtai VTX-5 vertical machining center is a fixed column, moving table CNC milling and tapping center designed for high-volume machining.