Video: See a Bone Screw Made on a Swiss-Type Lathe

This almost three minute video shows the process of machining a bone screw on a Swiss-type lathe. 

Horizontal & Vertical Lathes

Knuth’s Servoturn 410 NC Lathe has Programmable NC control

Conventional lathe offers extensive functions that take its operation to near CNC level.


United Grinding’s Digital Solutions Boosts Grinding Machine Productivity, Uptime

United Grinding’s Digital Solutions simplifies and optimizes grinding production processes and service.


Helpful, Free CAD Model for Those Who Machine DOM Tubing

This machine shop 3D prints a plastic plug that it inserts into the end of tubing to prevent chips and coolant from entering the lathe's bar feeder. It offers a free CAD model of it for other shops machining that material.

Turning Machines

Hwacheon Hi-Tech 750 Turning Center Designed for Large Parts

Machine features high-torque, built-in gear-driven spindle that reaches up to 1,800 rpm.

Turning Machines

Emag Twin Spindle Lowers Gear Machining Costs

The VL 1 Twin-spindle pick-up turning machine simultaneously machines two identical bevel gears at high speed within the same machining area.


5 Benefits to In-House Grinding

This machine shop’s in-house grinding capabilities offer many advantages for itself and for its customers, including time and cost savings. 


Rollomatic Offers Compact, Versatile 6-Axis Tool Grinder

6-Axis tool grinder offers new options for grinding solid carbide boring bars.

Automation & Robots

Automated Hard Turning, Grinding on One Platform

This inverted vertical turning machine can perform hard turning and grinding of chucked components such as gears while loading and unloading material and completed parts itself.


Live Online Event Features Mazak’s New Technology

The All Axes Live event highlighted the newest technology from Mazak and enabled the more than 400 attendees to access 16 video on-demand demos for different featured machine tools. 



Making Parts on a Swiss/Laser Machine

Adding laser cutting to Swiss-type machining is helping this shop do more work for its customers in the medical industry. 

Automation & Robots

Automated Grinding Cell Adds Capacity

Like many shops facing changes in customer demands, Pennsylvania-based American Turned Products (ATP) is making the necessary adjustments and adding operations to continue to compete in the difficult, high volume market. One of those adjustments is the company’s recent installation of an automated centerless grinding cell.

Horizontal & Vertical Lathes

Video Series Demonstrates Gun Part Manufacturing

Videos show various firearms cut with high-speed precision on Okuma machining centers and a horizontal lathe.

Transfer Machines

Automated Manufacturing in the U.S. Makes for a Fitting Process

An Australian company has been able to speed delivery of its popular plumbing products to U.S. customers by adding machining and assembly cells to produce brass fittings in Alabama.

Turn/Mill Machines

Mill-Turn Enables Multitasking, Single Setup Machining

Starrag’s Bumotec s191 mill-turn center can reduce lead times by completing a range of different tasks in a single setting.

Machining Centers & Milling Machines

Bantam Desktop CNC Machine Mills Aluminum Parts

Easy-to-use CNC machine pairs with intuitive software to enable product designers, educators and engineers to make, prototype and build right out of the box.

Turning Machines

Tsugami Machines Offer Job Shop Flexibility

Tsugami/Rem Sales’ latest machines offer job shop flexibility.

Turn/Mill Machines

Micromachining Turns Images of the Queen into Tiny Portraits

Engineers at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC) used a turn/mill center to reproduce a series of tiny portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, down to only 1.4 mm wide, onto brass.


MCC Lathes Improve Productivity, Operating Convenience

MCC’s M532 VIII and L12X have added capabilities to improve productivity.