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PUBLISHED: 3/31/2014

L20XII Swiss-Type Lathe Offers B Axis and Removable Guide Bushing

The L20 Type XII, part of Marubeni Citizen-Cincom’s L Series Innovation lineup, contains B-axis controllable rotary tools.

PUBLISHED: 10/29/2013

Swiss-Type Lathe Enables Efficient Programming

The SW-20 Swiss-type automatic lathe from Star CNC Machine Tool offers mechanical and control system capabilities designed for fast machining of complex components.

PUBLISHED: 7/10/2013

SW-20 Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe Cuts Production Time

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.’s SW-20, a Swiss-type automatic lathe equipped with cutting-edge software, enables complex components to be manufactured quickly.

PUBLISHED: 2/28/2013

Tornos Swiss ST26 Offers Turnkey Equipment Packs

The Swiss ST 26 is a high performance Swiss-type turning center with seven linear axes plus two C axes and two independent tool systems for parts up to 1 inch diameter (0.9 inch without bar prep) and up to 8.6 inches long with guidebush.

PUBLISHED: 2/28/2013

Flexible Swiss Turning with B Axis

INDEX’s Traub TNL18 sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe has seven linear axes and an added B axis on the upper tool turret, making it equal to the most challenging machining tasks.

PUBLISHED: 2/28/2013

Three-Turret Machine Reduces Overall Machining Time

Star CNC’s ST-38 features three-turret technology with simultaneous machining of as many as three tools in cut with 1.5" capacity.

PUBLISHED: 8/25/2012

Model XD20M CNC Swiss-Type Lathe Designed for Medical Applications

Hanwha Machinery America introduces the seven-axis model XD20M CNC Swiss-type lathe to fill specific needs required in the medical machining industry.

PUBLISHED: 7/10/2012

Swiss-Type Lathe, Bar Machine Offer Flexibility

The Cincom M432VIII Swiss-type lathe and Miyano BNA-42MSY multitasking bar machine will be among 13 other machines showcased by Marubeni Citizen-Cincom.

PUBLISHED: 7/9/2012

32-mm Swiss-Type Converts to Chucker

Available from REM Sales, the latest model in Tsugami’s B0 Series of Swiss-type lathes is the B0326, a 6-axis, 32-mm machine featuring a chucker kit that enables users to operate without a guide bushing or bar feeder.

PUBLISHED: 7/9/2012

Turning Center with Six Sliding Headstocks

Tornos' MultiSwiss features the production capability of a six-spindle CNC and the sliding headstock feed of a Swiss-type, single-spindle turning center.

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