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PUBLISHED: 10/8/2009

Fixed Headstock Chucker Configuration

Tsugami Corporation introduced a new fixed headstock "chucker" configuration of the SS32 Super Swiss Turn. The SS32L is capable of producing complex parts complete from ground or cold rolled barstock.

PUBLISHED: 8/10/2009

High-Precision Swiss-Type Turning Center

Hanwha Machinery America’s high-precision Swiss-type turning center, the XDI20, has liquid chilled built-in motors on the main and subspindle. This XDI20 allows simultaneous drilling, end milling and multiple tooling capability.

PUBLISHED: 3/10/2009

Flexible Swiss-Turning Center

The SS20 Swiss-turn allows manufacturers to easily switch driven tool positions, as well as turning and ID tool positions. The standard main spindle configuration includes nine turning, five cross rotary and five static ID tool positions. The subsp...

PUBLISHED: 3/10/2009

Swiss-Type CNC Lathe

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom’s Cincom A32 Type VII offers rapid feed rates of 45 m/min and quick acceleration/deceleration. Its features include 32-mm large diameter machining, high-speed processing with the newest NC unit as well as the company’s “Stre...

PUBLISHED: 8/11/2008

Swiss Automatics With New Features

The SQX series of Swiss automatics is based on the SQC platform with some upgrades. The model contains a new sheet metal design that allows for greater flexibility when performing routine maintenance. The SQX 32/38 is offered with...

PUBLISHED: 6/27/2008

High-Precision Tools For Swiss-Types

Genevieve Swiss offers specialized high-precision tooling and accessories designed for users of Swiss-type machines and small parts manufacturing equipment. Included are Utilis Swiss-made inserts providing repeatability of less than 0.

PUBLISHED: 6/26/2008

Spindles For Swiss Turning

Ibag North America's Micro Line spindles for Swiss turning adds 20 mm and 22 mm to the 25-mm diameter model previously available. Right-hand spindles are also available.

PUBLISHED: 6/26/2008

Coil-Fed Turning Machine Designed For Small Parts

The D2 CNC Esco is an automatic turning machine designed for manufacturing simple parts ranging to 0. 157" in diameter in large and small lot sizes.

PUBLISHED: 6/23/2008

Fast Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe

The A32 Type VII Swiss-type CNC automatic lathe from Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Inc.  offers 32-mm diameter machining and features a rapid feed rate of 45 m/min, high-speed processing with the latest NC unit and Citizen's streamline control.

PUBLISHED: 6/23/2008

12-Axis Swiss-Type Machine

The ECAS-20T machine from Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. is a 12-axis Swiss-type machine of its kind with an independent three-turret design allowing three tools to be used at any time, working simultaneously in the cut.

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