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PUBLISHED: 5/1/2009

Axial ID Turning

The Schwanog G-System is used for axial face plunge applications for cutting widths from 4 mm to 8 mm using variable diameter ranges. Internal turning applications of parts can be complex depending on the geometry.

PUBLISHED: 1/21/2009

Turning Products Offer 11 Grades

Kennametal’s Beyond is a line of high performance turning products. Because of higher metal removal rates and extended tool life, these products are designed to push productivity 30-percent higher or more for a variety of metalworking users. The t...

PUBLISHED: 11/25/2008

Inserts Improve Small-Scale Face Grooving

Iscar now offers a family of small face grooving and turning tools that stand up to high machining rates in applications prone to high tool failure rates. Mincut MIFR includes eight inserts and tools that incorporate a unique design and clamping sy...

PUBLISHED: 8/18/2008

Chipbreaker With High Cutting Speeds

Seco Tools' MR6 chipbreaker is optimized for peak performance in the medium-rough turning of steels. The chipbreaker's main advantage is the open design coupled with the company's Duratomic coated grades, allowing for the use of higher cutt...

PUBLISHED: 6/26/2008

Eight-Function Solid Carbide Tooling

Magafor offers an eight-function multi "V" solid carbide tooling starting at 0. 020" diameter to 0.

PUBLISHED: 3/21/2008

Coolant-Through Turning And Threading Tool System--Dorian Tool

Dorian Tool's coolant through turning and threading tool system, the Jet-Stream air or liquid system, is able to turn the workpiece at higher speeds and feeds. The system is designed for use in all general turning applications from heavy roughing t...

PUBLISHED: 3/7/2008

Wiper Geometries For High-Feed Milling

Helix wiper geometries for operations in high-feed machining of case-hardened steels where standard wipers cannot be used because of vibrations caused by a weak setup or lower radial cutting forces. Seco's Helix concept is designed to reduce vibrat...

PUBLISHED: 2/1/2008

Turning And Rotating Tooling

• Catalog details the entire line of Big Coromant Capto C5/C6/C8 turning and rotating tooling • The catalog begins with the modular tooling system for turning applications on mill-turn machines • A full lineup of Capto rotary tooling is shown in d...

PUBLISHED: 2/1/2008

Multifunction Carbide Tool

The Magafor Multi-V multifunction carbide tool is capable of performing eight separate operations on a variety of turning and milling centers. The tool can meet a range of diameter needs from 0. 020" to 0.

PUBLISHED: 1/31/2008

Small Bore Profiling And Back Turning

Thinbit's Microbit solid carbide tools now include small-bore profiling and back turning down to 0. 125" minimum bore. This addition compliments the existing Microbit tooling line and is now capable of meeting all small-diameter tooling requirements...

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