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PUBLISHED: 5/5/2006

Tool For Drilling, Turning And Facing

The Picco-MF multifunction tools are indexable tools that are designed for drilling, face turning, external turning and internal turning/boring. The DR-MF is designed for Swiss-type machines, miniature parts, the medical industry and more. The XC...

PUBLISHED: 5/3/2006

Small Tools Package

Mitsubishi Carbide has developed a line of small tools for use in gang, cam and turret-style machines. Inserts are available in a an array of styles, chipbreaker designs and wipers. The tools are designed to allow customers long tool life, "E" cla...

PUBLISHED: 4/27/2006

Adaptor Plates Offer One-Setup Machining

To better serve customers using multitask machining, Sandvik Coromant has introduced the option to build customized multitask mini turrets. Made possible through the use of CoroTurn SL adaptor plates, this option is designed to aid customers lookin...

PUBLISHED: 3/30/2006

Internal Grooving With Small-Hole Accuracy

CoroCut MB (minibar) tools focus on internal high-precision grooves in holes down to 10-mm diameter. It has a range of insert widths from 0. 7 mm for circlip grooves and differnt insert sizes for shallow and deep grooves, which makes it versatile.

PUBLISHED: 3/29/2006

New Chipbreaker Designs For Turning Applications

Valenite has added applications for its ValTurn turning system with four new chipbreaker geometries--a total of 46 insert styles--to its lineup of turning inserts. The new geometries include a positive/negative form for general-purpose turning, rou...

PUBLISHED: 3/8/2006

High-Strength Grade For Steel Turning

Valenite LLC has introduced an addition to its ValTurn Turning System with the development of the steel machining VP5535 grade. These new tools feature cutting edge toughness, provided by a cobalt-enriched surface layer--backed by a high-strength, ...

PUBLISHED: 3/8/2006

Fast Grooving Geometry

Thinbit's Design-A-Groove tooling is modified according to a customer's specific application requirements. Application engineers provide design assistance, price quotations and follow-up technical support. Special configurations include face groo...

PUBLISHED: 3/8/2006

Inserts Boost Gray Cast Iron Processing Speeds

Kennametal's A4 groove and turn inserts, made of KYON 3500, enable high-productivity machining of gray cast iron designed for high speed grooving applications. The grade is an advanced silicon nitride ceramic grade developed by Kennametal. In tes...

PUBLISHED: 3/8/2006

PVD-Coated Insert

Walter has created a PVD coating for its Tiger-tec cutting grades by applying aluminum oxide to its inserts. Until now, aluminum oxide could be used only with CVD coatings. These cutting tool materials are particularly designed for use in the aer...

PUBLISHED: 2/7/2006

Cutting Tool Material For Steel Turning

The Tiger-tec for Steel line, which is available in three different cutting materials (Walter grades WPP10, WPP20, WPP30) and eight different ISO insert shapes (negative basic shape), is recommended for roughing and finishing all types of current st...

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