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PUBLISHED: 4/7/2010

CNC 32-Tool Mill-Turn Machine

The Cyclone 52-TTMY CNC mill-turn machine comes with 32-tools and a Mitsubishi control.

PUBLISHED: 1/18/2010

Twin-ATC B-Axis Turn/Mill

Methods Machine Tools’ Nakamura-Tome Super NTMX multitasking turn-mill offers dual 24-tool ATC magazines. Full five-axis milling capability via a Fanuc 31i-A5 control is said to provide high precision and accuracy for manufacturing complex contoured...

PUBLISHED: 1/8/2010

Turning/Milling Machine with 2 Toolholders

DMG has added a machine to its series of turning/milling centers: the CTX gamma 2000 TC with a B axis and high speed 12-station turret, two-channel control and the multi-channel programming system, ShopTurn 3G. The design permits four-axis machinin...

PUBLISHED: 1/1/2010

Complete Machining with Twin Spindles, Dual Turrets and Y Axis

 The Cyclone 52-CS CNC mill-turn center, with 32 tools and a Mitsubishi control features full bar, chuck and shaft machining capability with 2.0” bar capacity and 6” chucks.

PUBLISHED: 12/7/2009

Multitasking Center

Mazak’s Integrexe-1060V/8 II multitasking center provides full turning and milling capabilities and features a milling spindle that tilts as much as 150 degrees to allow both horizontal and vertical machining operations, angle boring and milling on ...

PUBLISHED: 10/8/2009

Fixed Headstock Chucker Configuration

Tsugami Corporation introduced a new fixed headstock "chucker" configuration of the SS32 Super Swiss Turn. The SS32L is capable of producing complex parts complete from ground or cold rolled barstock.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2009

12-Axis Turn/Mill Bar Machine

The compact, yet massive cast iron machine base of the 12-axis turn/mill bar machine from Eurotech ensures stability and rigidity in extremely heavy and accurate machining operations. Both turrets can machine on the main or subspindle without inter...

PUBLISHED: 7/14/2009

High Performance Turning/Milling Center

Methods Machine Tools Inc. introduces the Nakamura-Tome WY-250 multitasking turning/milling center.

PUBLISHED: 7/14/2009

Multitask Production Turning Center

Index Corporation’s C200 series of production turn-mill centers offers a choice of controls: either Fanuc 31i CNC or Siemens 840D CNC. The unit is available in two spindle sizes for the main and counterspindles.

PUBLISHED: 5/1/2009

Turn-Mill Centers Designed for Precision, Rigidity

DMG’s CTX beta TC and CTX gamma TC series turn-mill centers feature an integrated, moving column with a turning/milling spindle and an interpolating B axis. The machines are capable of turning workpieces ranging from 49.

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