12 Cardinal Rules for Shop Safety

Here are 12 simple rules to help eliminate accidents and injuries in the workplace.


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We all know the importance of safety in our shops, so here are 12 simple rules to help eliminate accidents and injuries in the workplace:

1. Never operate any machine or forklift if you are not trained or not familiar with it. Ask your supervisor.
2. Always wear proper PPE to include eye, ear, hand and foot protection.
3. Eliminate entanglement hazards. Always secure or remove loose clothing, tie loose hair and remove jewelry, which can entangle in rotating equipment (especially rings and bracelets) before you operate
machinery. Do not wear fabric or leather gloves around rotating equipment.
4. Always maintain a safe distance from machines that are in use.
5. Never operate machinery without all shields and machine guards in place.
6. Always lock out/tag out powered equipment when cleaning, oiling or repairing. Test to assure machine is fully de-energized.
7. Never use compressed air guns to clean clothing and hair and never aim at another person.
8. Never use your hands or a rag to clear chips; never use rags around rotating equipment.
9. Maintain good housekeeping in your work area to eliminate trip, slip and fall hazards.
10. Be sure to lift properly with your legs, not your back. Ask for assistance and use back support when necessary.
11. Always inspect cables, slings and straps and assure they are secure prior to use.
12. Report all injuries, no matter how minor, to your supervisor.

— Precision Machined Products Association