CSI Group Partners for Political Advocacy and Business Success


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CSI Group is a highly specialized group of companies offering unique manufacturing processes for mechanical components. CSI was originally founded in 1987 by Steve Doody as a sales group for turned parts companies in the United States and France that produced small, intricate machined parts.

“We began state-side manufacturing in 1994 in partnership with Hugard and MGB,” says Steve Doody, president of CSI Group. “We specialize in CNC Swiss turning with 26 CNC Swiss lathes.”

CSI started its manufacturing in the microwave, or radio frequency, connector business. In 2001, the company began to diversify its manufacturing and now serves approximately ten markets, including aerospace, medical, fluid control, sensors and oil and gas. The company’s strategy has helped it grow and diversify and become a one-source supplier for its customers with manufacturing, distribution, sales and logistics operations.

CSI Group has been a PMPA member for more than 8 years and takes full advantage of the benefits of membership.

“In the earlier years of our membership, we were active mostly on the local level, but in the past 4 years, we’ve become more nationally active, attending as many of the national conferences and events as we can,” Mr. Doody says. “The conferences and other events are extremely valuable for everything from technical training to sales and marketing support, as well as political resources. Every time I attend a conference, I think, ‘this is the best one’ since they’ve all been great.”

CSI Group also appreciates PMPA’s other resources that include listserve discussions and industry information from confidentially conducted member surveys.

“The listserve discussions are a great resource for our staff, and they are constantly learning from the content found there. The PMPA website is a great tool in general, too,” Mr. Doody says. “PMPA surveys its members periodically, which provides us with extremely helpful, and sometimes surprising, benchmarking information. It’s especially interesting to see the results related to labor to see the differences in the different parts of the country.”

Mr. Doody also highlights the political policy and advocacy resources the PMPA membership provides.

“The lobbyists that represent PMPA are a very professional and experienced group of advocates that speak on our behalf,” Mr. Doody continues. “They have been effective in making positive changes for PMPA members and the manufacturing industry relating to the environmental, labor and taxes areas of our industry.”

Mr. Doody views PMPA as a true partner with CSI Group.

“In today’s world of constant change, you can’t work alone. The industry is global and very competitive,” Mr. Doody says. “You need to partner up and be part of a group, like PMPA, that helps you solve problems and get to the next level.”

CSI Group is located at 121 Flanders Road, Westborough, Massachusetts 01581. Phone: 508-986-2300. Fax: 508-986-2308. Website: compsources.com.