Double Production with 2 Slides


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Simplifying operations commonly provides more consistent results in a job by reducing error. A product that simplifies a process and also brings the opportunity to double production output deserves a closer look.

Bradmatic Company offers the Bradmatic 2AX air powered and air programmed X-Y slide set for Hardinge DSM or HSL 59 lathes. The slide is designed to provide turn, face, bore, groove and form operations using the Hardinge dovetail bed as its longitudinal way, avoiding taper problems by bringing the X slide into direct alignment with the headstock. The cross slide uses a combination round and flat way that facilitates quick setup and is rigid enough for use with carbide tools.

The company has recently developed a complementary product—a machine attachment that could be particularly useful to fastener manufacturers. Also designed for DSM-style lathes, the double slide acts as a production slide but is driven with pneumatics. Using 80 pounds of shop air, the unit allows multiple-tool machining for facing, chamfering, grooving and cutoff operations. Instead of pushing and pulling the handle, the operator simply pushes two buttons on the unit to automatically engage the tooling. The two tool slides can be used individually or simultaneously.

In an example application, bolts are blanked to length prior to grinding and rolling operations. Typically, the operator would push the cross slide forward to cut off and then pull to chamfer. With this unit, the operator presses two buttons, and the tools on the double slide work simultaneously on the part, machining in half the time. In another time-saving step, the heads and washer pads on bolts can be faced at the same time as well.

The machine is designed for heavy-duty cutting on tough materials such as A286 and Inconel. It can be used to cut bolt blanks to various lengths and uses standard production slide tooling (optional tooling is available). Other features include infinite feed rate adjustments, solid cast iron slides and a third slide to allow easy adjustment to lengths.