Doug Coster to Serve as PMPA President

The secret to longevity starts with having great people, and our employees are key in what makes our business go forward.


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PMPA announced Doug Coster as its new president for the upcoming term. Mr. Coster is the president and owner of Nolte Precise Manufacturing, a fourth-generation, family-owned contract manufacturing business located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mr. Coster earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from John Carroll University and his certification to be a certified public accountant in 1998. After college, Mr. Coster spent three years working as a senior auditor for Deloitte & Touche. Mr. Coster soon felt the urge to return to Nolte and carry on the legacy his ancestors started a century ago.

So, in 2001, Mr. Coster returned to Nolte to work for the company full-time as its vice president. “I knew I had a calling and passion for manufacturing that was coupled with the personal belief that the health of manufacturing is key to the health of our country,” Mr. Coster says. “In my mid-20s, I felt the industry was going through changes and challenges, and I wanted to have an impact.”

Prior to his return in 2001, Mr. Coster had spent many of his early years working on Nolte’s shop floor. From quality, to shipping, to production and expediting, Mr. Coster spent many summers working for his father, who owned the company at the time. After serving as vice president for more than seven years, Mr. Coster became president of Nolte in 2008. In 2011, Mr. Coster and his father completed
the transition of ownership.

Nolte Precise Manufacturing was started by Mr. Coster’s great-grandfather, Louis G. Nolte, in 1916. Mr. Nolte was originally a screw machine operator at Cincinnati Milling Machine. For more than 100 years, Nolte has been on the leading edge of innovation by incorporating the most efficient business practices and using the latest technology and equipment. This helps Nolte provide total cost solutions for the aerospace, automotive, pneumatic, industrial equipment, energy and defense industries.

With so many changes in markets and the economy, it’s no question that maintaining a successful business over the course of a century is no easy task. However, Mr. Coster believes it’s the company’s employees that allow the company to thrive during times of major change.

“The secret to longevity starts with having great people, and our employees are key in what makes our business go forward,” Mr. Coster says. “When my grandfather passed away at a young age, my dad took over the business in his early 20s. For that transition to be a success, the employees really had to rally around my dad and make it known that they were there for him. That remains true today. I’m blessed to have a wonderful team of people passionate about our vision and working hard to continue Nolte’s success.”

Another major factor in Nolte’s success has been its longstanding involvement with PMPA. A member since 1943, Nolte has been quite active within the organization, serving on numerous committees and boards throughout the years. Mr. Coster’s father, Bob Coster, who is a recipient of the PMPA Merit Award, recently attended his 90th PMPA meeting. Mr. Coster and his father choose to be so heavily active in PMPA because of the value that Nolte receives from its membership. As president, Mr. Coster looks forward to incorporating his financial skill set and knowledge as he works with members to learn new trends and combat new challenges within the industry. 

“As PMPA president, I think it’s exciting to help the organization’s members adapt and thrive,” Mr. Coster says. “When you walk through some of what PMPA is doing, there’s a lot of effort happening now from the standpoint of technology leadership, regulatory procedures, connecting members, engaging the current workforce and developing the future workforce. I think it’s proof that the association wants to help move the industry and members forward.”

Mr. Coster currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. In his spare time, he enjoys running, hiking, reading, coaching and spending time with his family.

PMPA President Doug Coster can be contacted at: dcoster@nolteprecise.com.