11/17/2015 | 2 MINUTE READ

PMPA Elects Harry Eighmy President

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“I’ve learned that the greatest task at hand is getting good,technically skilled people in the workforce...”


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Harry Eighmy is PMPA’s new president for the upcoming term. Mr. Eighmy is the COO of American Turned Products (ATP), a second-generation, family-owned precision turning shop in Erie, Pennsylvania. 

Mr. Eighmy began working full time for ATP in 1988 after graduating from The Ohio State University. He has since earned his MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

Since 1984, ATP has become one of the leading specialists of contract precision machining in the Lake Erie region. With more than 125 employees, the company prides itself on its ability to manufacture complex parts to extremely close tolerances. In 1987, ATP expanded its operations by moving into the current Erie plant location. By the end of 1989, ATP opened its El Paso, Texas, facility to primarily service the Mexican automotive assembly plants. Then in 1998, ATP built a third plant in Fairview, Pennsylvania, which also includes the corporate offices.

Today, ATP’s primary role involves providing high-volume contract precision machining and assembly for several industries with the majority of the volume representing the automotive market. In 1998, ATP was awarded the Erie County Employer of the Year.

Mr. Eighmy’s PMPA roots run deep within his family line. The family’s contract machining industry connection started with Mr. Eighmy’s grandfather in the 1950s, whose company’s membership began in 1968. Both Mr. Eighmy’s father, ATP president, Jerry Eighmy, and CEO, Scott Eighmy, served terms as PMPA president. Before he was working full time in the precision industry, Mr. Eighmy’s father brought him to PMPA district meetings while he was still in college. Since then, Mr. Eighmy has held various chair positions for the Lake Erie district of PMPA and has served on a number of different committees on the local and national level.

“As president, I look forward to working with Bernie Nagle, our new executive director, and provide the support we need to continue to make PMPA an organization that can
support its members,” Mr. Eighmy says. “I also want to continue to make this an organization that members want to be a part of.”

Recently, Mr. Eighmy has spent a great amount of time visiting with PMPA members throughout the country. Already, he has met with companies in four districts, discussing solutions for some of the industry’s biggest issues, such as the skills gap or the softening in industries like oil and gas mining.

“All of these visits have been a very rewarding and educational experience for me,” Mr. Eighmy says. “I’ve learned that the greatest task at hand is getting good, technically
skilled people in the workforce, and that succession planning is a growing concern for our members.”

While challenges arise, Mr. Eighmy said he is proud of the communication efforts between members and hopes to see these efforts grow and continue in the future. He also says PMPA’s listserves have been instrumental in quickly solving a great number of problems between members.

“There’s no organization that shares information like PMPA,” Mr. Eighmy says. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to network with peers who can guide you through a variety of
different issues.”

Mr. Eighmy lives in Erie, Penn., with his wife and three daughters. Outside of work, he is an avid golfer.

PMPA President Harry Eighmy can be contacted at heighmy@atpteam.com