PMPA Government Advocacy: What is at Stake in Washington?


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The federal government affects every aspect of your business. Over the years, Uncle Sam has become your not-so-silent-partner … one that is not going away. Manufacturers in the U.S. already face a 20 percent disadvantage when competing globally, largely due to policies set by our own government. The U.S. federal government’s Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy estimates that federal regulatory compliance costs amount to $7,775 per employee for large companies and $10,585 per employee for small businesses. PMPA is the leading voice in Washington, D.C. for the precision machining industry, standing up for all manufacturers. 

Why should you care? Why should you be involved?
You may not know it, but …

  • You faced a $400,000 average tax raise had PMPA not helped extend Bonus Depreciation last year
  • You may have to idle machines to meet new ozone air quality standards that PMPA opposes
  • You could see a micro-union formed with only two or more employees due to a new policy
  • Your electricity prices will increase 6-20 percent annually if the EPA power plant rule is finalized
  • Your compliance costs for regulations already in effect are $2.2 trillion per year for all businesses
  • Your federal government issued 3,541 final regulations last year

The stakes couldn’t be higher. And that is why PMPA advocates for you in Congress, stays alert and comments on upcoming regulations that will affect your business.

But we cannot do it alone. To help our members have a stronger voice in the issues that affect them, we developed the PMPA Political Action Committee (PAC). This allows 
association members to speak with a unified voice and support candidates for Congress who support manufacturing in America. Most important, the PMPA PAC has a track 
record of winning: 96 percent of 2014 candidates supported won their elections.

Contact us to find out how you can help PMPA change the outcomes from Washington D.C. 

Contact us to see how you can assist your elected officials in learning about our manufacturing successes in creating jobs and increasing payrolls, and why they need to stand up for manufacturing.

Contact us to help you meet face-to-face with the gatekeepers for the legislation vital to your company’s sustainable success.

For more information, contact Miles Free at mfree@pmpa.org.