Training the Next Generation: PMPA & Manufacturing Day

PMPA is here to help you plan your own event for Manufacturing Day 2016!


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Manufacturing Day was designed to coordinate and amplify the voice of individual manufacturers into a collective chorus of sharing opportunities, common concerns and challenges. It is an event meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Although Manufacturing Day officially occurs on the first Friday in October, this year it is on October 7, any day can be a Manufacturing Day.

In four short years, Manufacturing Day has grown from 240 events that welcomed more than 7,500 participants to more than 2,600 events and 400,000 participants. Held in every state of the U.S., several Canadian provinces and Puerto Rico, this event is more than just a day for manufacturers to engage with their community. It has been proven as a way to positively change the public perception of the industry and influence students by showing that manufacturing provides dynamic and well-paid career pathways.

PMPA is once again committed to supporting our members that are using Manufacturing Day 2016 as a way to increase engagement with their communities, schools and identify potential employees. Last
year, more than 35 PMPA shops hosted open houses in conjunction with Manufacturing Day events. PMPA provided close to 2,000 jump drive pens with career information and cool website information for attendees to see the interesting things that happen in our industry. Participating members told us their attendees “got the message” about the importance of the work we do and the pride that we have in our shops and technology. Many told us they now have great connections with local schools and several found employees as a result.

PMPA is a multi-year sponsor for Manufacturing Day, and we hope all of our members plan an event in October (or anytime) to raise the profile of manufacturing in North America and careers in precision machining. Please be sure to register your event on the official calendar at mfgday.com. There are a ton of resources available to companies seeking help in planning their first event. The resource page has all of the information you need to have a successful event.

If you are hosting an event, let us know! PMPA can provide jump drives containing career resource
files and videos to share with students. For more information about Manufacturing Day and careers in precision machining, contact Monte Guitar at PMPA (mguitar@pmpa.org).