PMPA Members Save with Partnership

PMPA members get a nice return on their membership dues investment when they take advantage of our Partnership Freight Savings Program.


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Somebody must pay the freight. But PMPA members don’t have to pay the most for freight.

PMPA members get a nice return on their membership dues investment when they take advantage of our Partnership Freight Savings Program. Our program with Partnership helps our members get lower rates on inbound, outbound, small package and large shipment programs.

PMPA member rates for FedEx Express are a 22-27 percent discount for both priority Overnight and Standard Overnight services. PMPA members get discounts of 22 percent on FedEx 2Day, Express Saver, and 23 percent off FedEx International Services. Look at your monthly charges for FedEx Express shipping in your shop. Would these discounts be worth finding out more?

What about Ground shipping? FedEx Ground shipments are cost effective because of the 10 percent, 15 percent or 20 percent discount depending on shipment weight up to 150 pounds. Tier 6 discounts are available for multiweight shipments between 200-499 pounds. Shipments over 500 pounds receive a tier 506 discount for PMPA members.

Freight options include LTL truckload and tradeshow rates. Yes, these discounts are available to our technical members such as machine tool builders as well. Does a 70 percent discount on LTL shipments get your attention? How many LTL shipments does your busy shop have each week? Each month? Partnership offers PMPA members a free shipping analysis that can potentially shave another 10-40 percent on total annual shipping costs.

Partnership offers an immediate access tool to help you shop multiple carriers to get the best service and price. Reputable carriers include UPS Freight and YRC Freight. Partnership provides audited and consolidated invoicing, so you don’t have a paperwork nightmare to get the freight figured out. And if you use inbound shipments, they offer vendor routing instructions and compliance services as well.

Truckload or other special services are also available through Partnership, assuring prompt access to the carriers you need at the lowest prices. Partnership uses a strict process to assure that high quality and compliant carriers are selected to handle your important shipments.

So what’s in it for you? As a member of PMPA, access to the discounts and services offered by our Partnership program can generate a hefty return on investment.

Looking at our latest report through second quarter of 2017, we see an average amount saved of $928 across all members using the Partnership service. Twenty percent of our members have saved double that or more. In fact, one member company has saved more than $26,000 so far this year on its total freight services through PMPA’s Partnership Program.

Can participating in PMPA’s Partnership Freight program pay for your PMPA dues investment? For a number of our member companies, the answer is yes. But the return on investment of belonging to PMPA is more than just freight discounts. For this article, with the latest report in, it was pretty easy to show the actual savings available. For more information on the PMPA Partnership Freight Program, check the link at short.productionmachining.com/partnerpm.
For information on all the other reasons why PMPA membership will offer you a tremendous ROI, call Monte Guitar at 440-262-5328.